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Q: How many Amish are there worldwide?
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How many Amish are there in the world?

There are about 975,059,064,157,168,355,809 Amish in the world

How many miles from Amish to Washington?

There are no Amish in washington state as of 2012.

Are there lots of Amish people in Shipshewana?

Yes, there are there of many Amish people.

What are Amish rules about communicating with the non Amish?

There are no rules. I've been to amish country many times and talked with many amish people. Some even work in convienent stores at the cash register

How many Amish live in the US?

About 300,000 to 400,000 Amish live in the US. There are more Amish people in other countries

Why do Amish people live in Pennsylvania?

Many original Amish settlers settled in Pennsylvania over a century ago, thus many Amish communities and districts are still in Pennsylvania today. However, there are also many Amish communities in Indiana and Ohio.

Do Amish have many wives?

No, Amish only have one wife. Unless she dies and they remarry.

Are the Amish alive?

There are still many Amish in the US. Pennsylvania has a lot of them. : no there zombies :P

Can an Amish women breastfeed her baby?

Yes, many Amish women breastfeed their babies.

How do you become Amish as an adult?

You don't. The closest to Amish would be Mennonites. There are many of Mennonites that have different beliefs. Again You have to be Born Amish to be Amish. They do have good food and know how to save a buck.

What do Amish people eat?

The Amish make good bakery and they make many quality foods.

What makes something Amish?

It is Amish...if it is homemade. But you have to be Amish, or are not Amish. But, homemade. amish.. no its amish if it fails at life ....see

Do Amish people wear hollister?

Many old and new order Amish youth wear Hollister.

Where can you buy top quality Amish dining room chairs?

Amish dining room chairs can be bought right from the Amish! The Amish usually have shops that they sell their own hand made furniture. Many times these shops are located near Amish communities.

How many Amish people are there in America?


How many Amish are in the us?

Over 9000.

Where can I buy some Amish furniture?

Many stores, online stores, and retailers sell Amish furniture. Online Amish Furniture and Simply Amish are two big sites that are dedicated to selling Amish furniture to customers, and are two great spots to begin searching.

Why do so many Amish live in Ohio?

Because that is where they were born and without cars how can they get anywhere else. There are many Amish in Indiana and Pennsylvania too.

Who are the Swiss Amish?

The Amish originated from Switzerland in the 1600's. Swiss Amish - Switzerland Amish.

Why are Amish people called Amish?

Amish are called Amish because the founder of it was Jacob Ammann

Are the Amish foragers?

No, the Amish do not forage for food. Many have gardens that provide some vegetables. The rest is bought at a store.

Do Amish make Amish friendship bread with pudding mix?

this is not true about the Amish and i know this because i am Amish

How many people follow the Amish religion?


How many Amish are in US?

As of 2011, the population is 261,150

What is Amish butter?

Amish Butter is butter mixed in with things that the Amish crops then mixed and hardened into Amish Butter!