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Over 50,000 Australian men served in the war, over 500 of them lost their lives there.

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How many Australian troops died in Vietnam?

About 600 Australian servicemen died in Vietnam.

What years were the Australian soldiers involved with the Vietnam war?

Australian "Military Advisors" were sent to Vietnam in 1962. On April 29th, 1965, the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, committed Australian troops to fight in Vietnam. On November 30th, 1971, the last Australian combat troops left Vietnam. Over 60,000 ANZAC troops, many of them conscripts, fought in Vietnam.

How many Australian troops were sent to the Vietnam War?

Over 50,000 Australian servicemen fought in Vietnam. approx. 47000 men and a larged amount of women served

How many Australian troops in Vietnam at any one time?

Close to 7,000 Australians at their peak strength.

How many people survived the Vietnam war?

Around 20 million people survived the Vietnam War.

Did president Kennedy send troops to Vietnam?

U.S. president Kennedy said many troops to Vietnam to fight the Vietnam War.

How many Americans servived the Vietnam war?

About 3 million and survived is spelled "survived"

How many Australian soldiers were injured in the Vietnam war?

Over 3,000 Australian Servicemen wounded in Vietnam.

How many Australian troops came home after World War 2?

This is really a hard question, but I can answer this. There were more than 200 Australians troops who survived but had some body parts missing. That's all I can say.

How many US troops were committed to Vietnam in 1965?

By the end of 1965, the United States had 184,300 troops in Vietnam.

How many Australian troops were sent to Vietnam?

Over 50,000 Australians served in the war; consisting largely of infantrymen, sailors, and Centurion tank crewmen.

How many American soldiers survived the Vietnam War?

3.2 million have survived this -kayla summer

How many Hispanic troops served in Vietnam?

They were US troops, not hispanic troops. Approximately 170,000 American males of Hispanic descent served in the Vietnam War.

How many troops were in Vietnam in1968?

Approximately 500,000 servicemen were in Vietnam in 1968.

How many Canadian troops in Vietnam?

0, Canada did not fight in Vietnam. 0, Canada did not fight in Vietnam.

How many troops were in Vietnam when President Nixon took office?

When President Nixon took office there was approximately 536,100 American troops in Vietnam. President Nixon immediately started reducing the number of troops in Vietnam.

How many Australian men were killed in the Vietnam War due to conscription?

Approximately 600 Australian serviceman were killed in the Vietnam War.

How many Australian men came back from Vietnam?

About 8,000 Australian servicemen fought in the Vietnam War. Approximately 600 were killed there.

How many Australian soldiers were wounded in the Vietnam War?

Approximately 600 Australian servicemen were killed in Vietnam, and over 1200 wounded.

How many US troops were in Vietnam by 1966?

See Vietnam Time-Line website.

How many US troops in Vietnam 1967?

See Vietnam War time-line

How many people survived at the battle of D Day?

Approximately 162,000 Allied troops survived the 6th of June.

How many Americans survived d day?

Approximately 70,000 American troops landed and survived D-Day.

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