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How many Beatles songs are there?


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There are 275 BeaTles songs. Below is a list:

17- Abbey Road

14- Beatles For Sale

1- Free As A Bird (included for it is a 1995 single the Beatles released w/ strong John Lennon presence on the track. John also wrote the song. Excluded is the B side which is a Xmas song, because that's a seasonal track)

13- A Hard Day's Night

14- Help!

12- Let It Be

55- Live At The BBC (1994 release. Removing the speeches from the album gets 69 tracks down to 55 songs. John Lennon wasn't alive during this albums release, but since its obviously amazing songs, in mono, that were originally played live on the radio, John Lennon would most likely have approved of its release).

11- Magical Mystery Tour

33- Singles released during The Beatles reign (available on "Past Masters" or a combination of 30 songs from "Mono Masters" & 3 from "Past Masters" excluding the 4 Yellow Submarine tracks from "Mono Masters", and all but 3 from "Past Masters if you combined Mono+Past Masters).

14- Please Please Me

2- Real Love (This song is the last Beatles single. It was released in 1996. Like Free As A Bird , this song has a strong John Lennon Presence and was written by John Lennon. The B side is "Baby's In Black" live 'edited' track from two performances at the Hollywood Bowl by the Beatles, which John Lennon would have approved, because, released in the '70s on vinyl but not yet on CD is a Beatles album "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" which does not include the track, but since John approved the others on the album, it is most likely he would approve this track as well).

14- Revolver

14-Rubber Soul

13- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

30- (The Beatles/White Album)

14- With The Beatles

4- Yellow Submarine (Excluded from this number are the two duplicate tracks "Yellow Submarine" & "All You Need Is Love" from Revolver & Magical Mystery Tour, & also the classical style soundtracks from the Beatles film/cartoon called Yellow Submarine)


Total songs: 275

First, some people may notice that there are indeed some "duplicates" that occur from the number of 275, which are: All My Loving/Baby's In Black/Can't Buy Me Love/Dizzy Miss Lizzy/Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/A Hard Day's Night/I Saw Her Standing There/I Wanna Be Your Man/I'm A Loser/Let It Be/Long Tall Sally/Love Me Do/Matchbox/Roll Over Beetoven/A Taste Of Honey/Things We Said Today/Til There Was You...

...but, these "duplicate" song performances each have their own unique sound. Also, it should be noted that if Live At The Hollywood Bowl is ever fully officially released by Capitol records on CD/digitally, then to the list we would add the 13 songs on that album for a total of 288 songs (with those 13 being very unique "duplicate" performances)...

...also, in the singles collection you will hear two non English songs, unique performances, in German, of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" & "She Loves You."


If you are a hard core Beatles fan there are several more songs and albums released after the passing of John Lennon. Such as the Anthologies 1, 2, 3, Let It Be... Naked, & Love. Also, listening to the Beatles as solo artist, and the various collaborations between them after "The Beatles" broke up, John, Paul, George, & Ringo is a great addition to feed a love for the Beatles.

Also, if you bought the Beatles on iTunes & love the Beatles, but don't have "Free As A Bird" & the "Real Love" singles, it would be in for your enjoyment that you obtain a copy of them, they should be easy to find. Finding Live At The BBC CD should not be hard either.

Overall, the list above and the number 275 is a good current list & number that answers the question "how many Beatles songs are there?" Listening to them will really let you hear the BeaTles and understand why they are so amazing! (last edit: 07/20/11)


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