How many Catholics live in US?

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According to the CIA website, Catholics make up approximately 24.5% of the Christian population in the US. So, that is quite a big number...we, for sure, are the largest group of the peoples professing to be Christian.

How many people in the US are Catholic?

There are about 75 million Catholics in the USA and they make up24% of the People who proclaim to be Christian. See the link below for more information.

How many Catholic universities are there in the US?

According the the Association of Catholic colleges and universities, there are 244 degree-granting institutions in the United States. See link below: This number comprises ab

How many Catholic cardinals in US?

There are a total of 213 Catholic cardinals in the Catholic church.Only 118 of them are eligible to vote if the Papacy became vacanttoday. There are 11 of them in the US. They

How many Catholics and Protestants are there in the US?

there are more protestants in America . Protestant (51.3%) . Roman Catholic (23.9%) The Hispanics/Latinos , Irish , Italians , polish, French , Spanish , Hungaria

How many Catholic dioceses in US?

195.. Albany (Diocese), New York Alexandria (Diocese), Louisiana Allentown (Diocese), Pennsylvania Altoona-Johnstown (Diocese), Pennsylvania Amarillo (Diocese), Texas

How many Catholics are there in the US?

According to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, the US population of Catholics is 1965 = 45,600,000 1975 = 48,700,000 1985 = 52,3

How many Catholics live in the USA?

As of 2012, the Catholic Directory is listing 66, 300,000 as the Catholic population in the United States, however, according to a survey, self-identified Catholics come t
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Why did many Catholics live in Pennsylvania?

According to the census in 1990, there were (at that time) 3,675,250 Catholics in Pennsylvania, or about a third of the population. Pennsylvania has the ninth largest pecentag
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How many Roman Catholic churches are in The US?

According to the Official Catholic Directory , as of Jan. 1, 2010 there are 18,372 Catholic parishes (or "churches") in the United States.
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How many Roman Catholic cardinals are in the US?

Electors : * Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston - Houston * Cardinal Edward M. Egan, Archbishop of New York * Cardinal John P. Foley, President Emeritu