How many Chinese people learning English in china?

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Xinhua Net (Chinaview) reported that there were almost 300 million people learning English in China in May, 2007.
Over 100 million students in schools also learn English
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How is China pronounced by Chinese people?

Chinese officials call their country 'The People's Republic ofChina'. In Chinese this is 'zhong hua ren min gong he guo', but itis usually shortened to 'zhong guo' if you want to say: . China- Zhong Gou . Chinese (person)- Zhong guo ren

How many learners of English in China?

According to Wikipedia it says for mainland China that The oft-cited figure of 300 million is for "learners." If the number of very fluent English speakers in this country is more than the United States, that's too much to me because I like the percentage on wikipedia to stay pretty similar.

Why do Chinese people know English?

Millions of people from every country in the world learn English as a foreign language for business or pleasure or both. Some may not go too far into it, but others will devote many years of their life to the study of the language, its literature and even the English or the American way of life. Off ( Full Answer )

When do Chinese kids learn English?

In most Chinese primary schools English is introduced in the 3rd grade, however, there are some schools known as bilingual schools which start teaching English in the first grade (that is the extent to which they are bilingual). In many kindergartens English is also taught, however not in a systemat ( Full Answer )

Why do people learn English?

Because it is an International language and the same time it is easy and interesting to be leaned.

Why do people want to learn English?

Nowadays, English is the language that allows you to communicate in an easier way with almost any country in the world (if not all), much more than any other language. It is simple, and up to now is an universal business language. This is just my opinion.

Why so many people learn English?

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It would be to most people's advantage to learn English because of that fact and probably one of the reasons most people choose to. However, each person's reason for learning a language is a personal decision and reason so it varies from one ( Full Answer )

How many more people speak Chinese than English?

About 18% of the entire population of the world speaks a form ofChinese. This includes people in China, Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong, Macau, the US, Malaysia, Canada, and Indonesia among others.About 27% of the world's population speaks English - either as afirst or second language.

Why the Chinese people leave China?

Many of the Chinese people left China to seek a better life, tomove up in social status, and to escape religious prosecution. Someleft China to make a better living.

How many Chinese people are in china?

Presently, the population is approximately 1.355 billion. It hasthe most people of any other nation in the world. The country isstill growing.

Why learn English in China?

Many Chinese people, whether they are situated in China itself or elsewhere, are learning English because it is recognised as a universal language. In trade and commerce, in politics and journalism, in science, medicine and communications, English has become the common language which enables peop ( Full Answer )

How do you think about China and the Chinese people?

You use your mind, research more about their rich history, customs and values. Talk to a few Chinese, make friends with them. Do not believe stereotypes of the Chinese. Remember there are good Chinese and there are bad Chinese, same with every race in the world.

How do the Chinese people learn calligraphy?

First, choose a style to imitate according to copybooks, called Zi Tie (字帖) or Zi Pu (字谱) in Chinese, which are collections of standard calligraphic characters or articles written by famous calligraphists. Begin from simple characters to complex ones, from single words to com ( Full Answer )

Should kids learn Chinese or English first?

The best way is to learn both Chinese and English, as Chinese is very popular now and may become an international language in the future. It is useful for one's career, especially if he will do some job related to Chinese. Of course, English is always hot, but nowadays, many people can speak English ( Full Answer )

Is it harder for an English person to learn Chinese or a Chinese person to learn English?

They are both equally hard, but if you were somebody who didn't know any language, Chinese would be a bit harder to learn than English. But in the other hand ,when the tense changes ,the verb(also the words ) needn't change and many a Chinese word can be v. ;n. ;adj. .You only have to remember the o ( Full Answer )

How many French people are learning English in France?

Anyone who is in school and above the age of about eight or nine in France is learning English. There isn't an exact number available, but at this point, the vast majority of French people also speak English.

Why do people learn Chinese?

Chinese can be very useful for businesspeople interested in working internationally with China. China has a prospering economy and knowing the language can make business transactions easier. In addition, a person can become a Chinese teacher, Chinese translator, or a Chinese intelligence analyst, al ( Full Answer )

Why do people must learn how to speak in English?

English is the main language spoken by pilots, and business people, it is one of the 4 most spoken languages in the world, they are English, French, Spanish and German, when a person can speak any one or more of these languages they can go anywhere in the world to do business or travel for pleasure ( Full Answer )

Do Chinese people like English food?

Depending, when I was a kid, I loved American foods (hamburgers, frenchfries, steak, etc) i still do now because when i was little, i had to eat just rice,vegetables, and meat EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Do Chinese people get tattoos in English?

It's not a set fact whether Chinese people get tattoos in English or not, but I'd say that some Chinese people might get tattoos in English, especially if they speak/understand English or live in countries where English is the primary language, for example.

Do Chinese people use forks in china?

Some times. Mostly just chopsticks. Some special dishes like lobster use a special 2 prong fork. For most dishes, chopsticks are better.

Why do Chinese people have a hard time learning English?

Chinese students tend to find the pronunciation of the "r" and "ph" sounds the hardest part of learning English. However, all students vary in their ability to learn a foreign language or anything else for that matter. You can't say Chinese as a race have difficulty learning English any more than yo ( Full Answer )

What do modern Chinese people eat in china?

Modern Chinese people eat snakes, fish, dogs, cats, horses, bears, wolves, fat, sea weed, geese, frogs, mice, peasants, sparrows, foxes, kangaroos, koalas, guinea pigs, bok-choy, bananas, vegetables pickled in soy sauce and vinegar, pandas, carrots, onions, mushrooms, sheep, spiders, and parrots. ( Full Answer )

Do the Chinese speak English in China?

More and more people in China, at least in the larger cities, can speak English. Especially those that have completed senior high school or university. In fact to graduate from university in China a student must pass an English language test-granted there is no speaking part to this test. Generally ( Full Answer )

What do people learn in English Schools?

they learn the same things we learn in the U.S., including history, math, english, language, science etc. English Maths Sciences (physics, biology & chemistry) History Geography RE PE Languages (eg: French, Spanish, Latin, etc) Art DT Food tech Music PHSEE ICT Drama ( Full Answer )

Which University is better to learn Chinese for us in China?

If you come to China to learn Chinese, you can g to some language schools, such as: Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing International Studies University. It is always convenient for you to learn Chinese in a dense learning atmosphere.You also can le ( Full Answer )

How long will take for me who learn Chinese to find a job in China?

If an individual from abroad coming to work in China it is generally required by the Chinese government.but it is not the same as students, because students can enjoy the preferential preferential treatment. it is really difficult to tell you how long to find a job, my suggestion is that you shoul ( Full Answer )

How many people believe in chinese dragons in china?

China is now one of the fastest growing economies on the planet, so you can well imagine everyone is busy around for pecuniary matters, few concerning about spirituality. It is not that how many still believe in dragon, but how many would take the time to think whether they beleive in.

How did china people learn to spek Chinese?

It's like every country. People learn their mother tone without 'learning'. When Chinese kids are little, they learnt fomr their parents and other people's talking. But when they need to go to school, they learn how to write characters, how to write articles.

Is it derogatory to call people from China Chinese?

I don't believe so since it is not racist in the way that it gives off a bad image or name to a certain nationality. For example, calling someone from Britain British is not being derogatory is it? Or calling someone from America American? So if you see it in this way, I highly doubt that people sho ( Full Answer )

Why do so many people learn English?

It is generally known as the universal, or international language. When two peoples of a different culture and language must communicate, they almost always use English. It's only logical that when choosing to learn a language, one would choose to learn the one that is most widely known and accepted ( Full Answer )

Where can someone learn Chinese in China?

If someone is in China and wants to learn to speak Chinese then it is worth going to the local colleges to ask about night school lessons there. They often have provide courses on learning to speak Chinese for adults.

Is Chinese hard to learn for English speakers?

If something is 'hard' for someone is subjective. It will vary from person to person, but as a general statement learning Chinese if your native language is English is hard. This is because unlike other languages that branch from the same ancestor language--Greek and/or Latin--there aren't any cogna ( Full Answer )

How many Chinese characters should you learn?

There are thousands of Chinese characters, but there are 3500commonly used Chinese characters. Master these characters, you canbasically cope with the daily and work demands. For beginners, theycan start learning the low-level characters of the new HSK. Thereare a lot of good apps, such as MagiChine ( Full Answer )