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Many people want to downplay the number of Czars that Bush appointed, due to the controversy being created over President Obama's use of Czars. Actually, Bush used many Czars! Here is a partial list of the czars that he appointed during his administration: Cyber Security Czar

Regulatory Czar


Bird Flu Czar

Intelligence Czar

Health IT Czar

Katrina Czar

Manufacturing Czar

Drug Czar

Domestic Policy Czar

War Czar

Copyright Czar

Abstinence Czar

Mine Safety Czar

Latin American Czar

WTO Czar

Corruption Czar

Privacy Czar

Sudan Czar

and Health Czar, to name more than a few.

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President Clinton had 10 "Czars". President Bush ("W") appointed up to 46.

President Bush appointed 46 or 47 czars but he had 29 Czar positions. The additional appointments were as an opening arose in a previous czar position. Also the Czar positions were added to gradually during President Bush's 8 years in office as a new need arose.

President Obama has 32 Czar positions according to Glenn Beck and others-and I found a possible 33rd Czar for Anti-Semitism according to Arutz Sheva

Also President Obama's 32 or 33 Czars positions were all appointed in his first year in office.

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Ronald Reagan appointed the first "Drug Czar". The czar program has been with us ever since. Czars have no executive powers. They only act as advisors to the President.

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Q: How many Czars in Clinton administration?
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