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How many Gallons of ethanol are produced per bushel of corn?


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One bushel of corn yields about 2.8 gallons of ethanol.

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Assuming the dry-milling method of ethanol production (the most common), one 56-pound bushel of corn makes 2.7 gallons of fuel ethanol and 17.4 pounds of dried distillers' grain. This means that 69% of the corn went into the ethanol.

Currently a bushel of corn produces about 2.8 gallons of ethanol. With better varieties that figure will increase to 3 gallons. In the near future, the corn distillate will be processed again, yielding some more ethanol.

Generally speaking about 300 gallons per acre.

5 gallons is 5/8 of a bushel, or 0.625 bushel. There are 8 gallons in a bushel.

A dry, or "corn" gallon, is 1/8 of a bushel, so 8 dry gallons would be a bushel.

The same as a bushel of corn: ~1.25 cubic feet or 9.3 gallons.

The typical weight of feed corn (#2 yellow dent corn) is 56 pounds per bushel. By volume, there is about 8 gallons in a bushel. Thus there is 7 pounds in a gallon of corn.

A bushel of shelled corn weighs about 88% of a bushel of ear corn. Therefore, a bushel of ear corn weighs about 70 pounds and a bushel of shelled corn weighs 56 pounds.

A bushel is a measure of volume equal to about 36 litres. A bushel of corn would be enough corn to fill a container one bushel in size.

Seed corn has a bushel weight of 56 pounds. The price in 2014 is $3.30 per seed corn bushel. For sweet, fresh corn there are 70 pounds per bushel, with the bushel selling for about $15/bushel retail.

Ethanol is made from sugar beets, sugar cane, corn, wheat, and barley. The sugar is extracted, microbes are introduced, ethanol is produced. That is how ethanol is made.

There are four dozen ears of sweet corn in a bushel. That means that each bushel contains 48 ears of corn.

There are 150 ears of sweet corn in a bushel.

AnswerRoughly 170 ears to a bushel of shelled corn.

There are 1245 ears of corn in 1 bushel

2150.42 cubic inches or 1.24446 cubic feet or 8 gallons (dry measure)

Ethanol is made form corn.

A bushel is a unit of measurement and is very appropriate for use to measure popped corn. One bushel equals 8 gallons, so 8 x 16 equals 128 cups.

Yes, in the United States the Federal Trade Comission (FTC) has approved ethanol concentrations up to 10% by volume in gasoline. Many states require a minimum concentration of ethanol of around 5% by volume. Most of the ethanol produced in the United States is produced from corn, although this is not the most efficient crop with which to derive ethanol.

Yes, it is the source of corn whiskey. Ethanol can be made from any sugar or starch.Corn doesn't make ethanol. The yeast that consumes the corn produces ethanol as a waste product.

Ordinary shelled dent corn at 15% moisture should have 56 pounds in a bushel.

The US average price was 80.2 cents per bushel of corn in 1934.

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