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Q: How many Mojave Indian families shared a house?
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How many people live in a Mojave Indian house?


What is a house shared by several Iroquois families?

Is this a serious question? Or a racially motivated joke?

How do you build a house in the Mojave desert?

what kind of homes did the mojave indians live in

What is the difference for a rich Victorian house and a poor Victorian house?

a poor persons house is shared by many families but a rich persons house is a huge building made for one big family and looks very posh

Why is it difficult to find shared ownership mortgages?

It is difficult to find shared ownership mortgages as house prices are rising. Because house prices are rising this means that mortgage payments in general are going up. This means shared ownership mortgages are less accessible to their targeted market as they are designed for low income families to help them onto the property ladder.

Why do you think each longhouse had central area with shared cooking fires?

because each long house had families that contributed like the hunters they contributed the meat from the animals

What kind of house did the Aztec Indian live in?

The houses the Aztec lived in depended on a Aztec family's wealth. Poor Aztec families lived in small houses and rich Aztec families lived in large city houses.

What shelter did the Arawaks live in?

In all Arawak settlements several families shared one house, which was called a caneye. It was round, and made of wattle with a thatched roof. Sometimes it had windows, but not always, and there was almost never a smokehole.

How many families lived in the White House?

Since there are 44 presidents, there were 44 families that lived in White HOUSE.

How many families split because of smokers in the house?

About 50,000 families...

Why did suburbs tend to have little diversity?

Only white families could afford to buy a house in the suburbs.

What is the difference between a semi detached house and a detached house?

A semi detached house has one side of the house that will be attached to another house. A detached house has no shared walls. Most semi detached houses have the garage wall as the shared wall so there is less noise heard from either house.

Which house in Indian Parliament is known as House of the People?

Lok Sabha is known as House of the People in Indian Parliament.

House of red Indian?

Which house is used by the red Indian

Which is the Lower House of Indian Parliament?

Lok Sabha is the Lower House of Indian Parliament.

What the house of red Indian called?

what is the house of red Indian called?

When was Old Indian Agency House created?

Old Indian Agency House was created in 1832.

When was Stone House of Indian Creek created?

Stone House of Indian Creek was created in 1810.

When was Old Indian Meeting House created?

Old Indian Meeting House was created in 1684.

What type of shelter did the Wiyot Indian have?

The Wiyot people are natives of northern California. They lived in rectangular redwood-plank houses with pitched roofs and chimneys. They were large enough for several families to share one house.

A long narrow house that is home to many families?

a long narrow house

What are the release dates for Clean House - 2003 Families Revisited?

Clean House - 2003 Families Revisited was released on: USA: 14 April 2010

How do you leave the house on virtual families?

you can't....

Cherokee Indian houses?

a Cherokee Indian house is a Asi

How do you use the word families and familys in different sentences?

Families is the plural of family (ie one family, two families) Family's is the possessive case of family (eg the family's house or the house of the family) Examples: The were ten families living in the street. The first family'shouse was called "The Pines" There is no such word as familys with no apostrophe.