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How many National Championships does the University of Georgia have in all sports?


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* Through spring 2007 * The NCAA does not conduct a championship for the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (Division I FBS - formerly Division I-A). Instead, these teams participate in a national championship system developed by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) organization. * ** Past Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (Division I FBS) national champions. * Coed championships include rifle; skiing; and since 1990, Fencing. * Each school involved in a tie is credited with one championship. * The boxing championships were discontinued after the 1960 championships. * * Division II school competing in a Division I,II or Division I, II, III national collegiate championship. * ** Division III school competing in a Division I,II,III national collegiate championship.


Total NCAA Team Championships: 24

men's championships: 8

women's championships: 16

coed championships: 0

Breakdown by Sport:

men's Baseball: 1

men's Golf: 2

women's golf: 2

women's gymnastics: 8

women's swimming & diving: 4

men's tennis: 5

women's tennis: 2

Here's a list of National Football Titles they won:


Georgia: Boand, Poling

Illinois: Billingsley, Dickinson, Helms, National Championship Foundation, Parke Davis

Notre Dame: Houlgate

Yale: Football Research


Georgia: Berryman, DeVold, Houlgate, Litkenhous, Poling, Williamson

Ohio St.: AP, Billingsley, Boand, Dunkel, Football Research, National Championship Foundation

Wisconsin: Helms


Army: Boand*, Football Research, Helms*, Houlgate, Poling*

Georgia: Williamson

Notre Dame: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, Boand*, DeVold, Dunkel, Helms*, Litkenhous, National Championship Foundation, Poling*, Sagarin


Georgia: Litkenhous

Ohio St.: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, Dunkel, FACT, FB News, Football Research, FW, Helms, National Championship Foundation, NFF, Poling, UPI

Texas: DeVold, Matthews, Sagarin


Florida St.: FACT*

Georgia: AP, Berryman, FACT*, FB News, FW, Helms, National Championship Foundation, NFF, Poling, Sporting News, UPI

Nebraska: FACT*, Sagarin

Oklahoma: Billingsley, Dunkel, Matthews

Pittsburgh: DeVold, FACT*, Football Research, NY Times

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Texas has won a total of 47 national championships and 39 of them were NCAA championships, here are some of the championship sports:4 national championships in football 3 under Darrell K. Royal, and 1 under Mack Brown: in 1963,1969,1970,and 2005. Texas baseball has 6 national championships including 1949,1950,1975,1983,2002,and,2005

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I think 2 for football, and that is about it.

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