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How many Ps2 sold?

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The PS2 is the best-selling console of all time, having reached over 147 million units sold as of November 2010.[5] In late 2009, with developers creating new games and the console still selling steadily a decade after its original release, Sony stated that the life cycle of the PlayStation 2 will continue until demand ceases

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How many ps2 where sold last year?

Over 150 million Playstation 2s have been sold

How much would it be for a ps2 with 41 games?

Many have sold on Ebay for less than the cost of a new PS2 ($100) with that many games. It is hard to price games without titles or condition. Who will buy them without knowing the titles. There are 1.51 billion PS2 games that were sold for the 150 million PS2 consoles

How many PS2's have been sold?

Over 151 million

Which is sold better ps2 or xbox360?

the PS2 at 150 million has sold 3 times the number of the Xbox 360

Do they still make PlayStation 2?

The PS2 is still made and sold in many stores.

Is the PS2 popular then PS3?

More consoles of the PS2 were sold, but the PS3 is more desired and the PS2 is considered old fashioned

Where can you buy a action replay for Ps2?

You can buy a Action Replay for the PS2 but most of them are sold online.

Is there a Gameshark for the PS2?

Yes there is. Gamesharks are sold for many systems and can be found at your local video game retailer.

Selling PS2 games and other accessories?

There are a big surplus of games and accessories for the PS2. 1.51 billion games were sold for the PS2 worldwide

How much money do you get if you sold your ps2 at gamestop?


How do you connect a ps2 to the internet wirelessly?

With a PS2 Network startup disk. You can buy them where video games are sold .

Can you play ps2 games on playstation 3?

no the PS3 consoles that are being sold do not play PS2 games.

When did the making of the PS2 end?

They still make and sell PS2 and the games and you can find many for sale new at $99 increasing the number of consoles past the 150 million already sold

What will be the price of ps2 Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 for PS2 is sold at $39.99.

When was the PS2 first sold?

In Japan on March 4 2000

How much money would you get if you sold a ps2?


How much would you get if you sold a ps2 to gamestop?

Maybe $20

What was the best selling PlayStation?

The PS2 has sold 150 million

How much would you get if you sold a ps2 and a Wii?


How many ps2 are sold world wide?

They passed the 150 million mark for number of consoles sold and announced it o February 14 2011 see related link

How do you play ps2 on PS3?

The PS2 games will not play on the PS3 models built and sold new in the past couple of years and they can not ever play PS2 games. Some early PS3 models with 4 USB ports that were sold a few years back could play select PS2 games.

How do you download a ps2 game of the internet so you can burn it onto a ps2 disk?

Many PS2 games can be purchased so cheaply that it does not make sense to steal copyrighted material. There are 1 1/2 billion PS2 games out there and over 10,000 titles according to Sony and many games are sold in groups on Ebay just to find buyers

How much money would you get if you sold your ps2?

Maybe $20-25

How much do you get if you sold slim ps2 and at Gamestop?

you will get about $25 and then they will sell it for about $90

Will PS3 games come out for PS2?

The number of new games for the PS2 continues to decrease as the cost to make a game depends on more sales and so many games are now available for the PS2. There are over 3500 game tittles at last count and many of those titles are sold in used condition very cheaply.

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