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How many aboriginals died?

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No one actually knows! Thousands of people died! You can't guess, cause every second people are dieing in Canada and other places.......I don't want people to die! But it is like that.

2012-06-24 23:32:31
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How many aboriginals are left?

There are many aboriginals in Australia

How many aborigines died in the war?

No aborigines served in WW2 for Australia.

How did the aboriginals treat diseases?

The Aboriginals had to try and use their own medicines and food to try and help, but most of the Aboriginals died because they didn't know how to cure the diseases.

How many people are aboriginals?

before the Britten people came there were about 500,000 australian aboriginals

How many Australian Aboriginals still live in Australia today?

There are 540000 aboriginals in Australia today

How many aboriginals died in colonization?

Anywhere from 58,000 to 300,000. More than 90% of the Indigenous population was wiped out during the British colonisation.

Are there still traditional Aboriginals?

Yes, but not many

How many aboriginals are there left?

Roughly 517,000.

How many Aboriginals live in Canada?

about a thousand

Aboriginals in World War 1?

yes and we all are sorry that some of them died

How many aboriginals have died from smallpox?

94% of Inca population 3.5million Aztecs died from the Europeans when Cortez found Mexico (later he defeated the Aztecs, claiming the gold, silver and other goodies)

How many languages were spoken Aboriginal People?

The Aboriginals had many languages.

How many Aboriginals have won the Archibald prize?


How many types of dresses do the aboriginals wear?


Why did the aboriginal population decrease?

The Aboriginal population decreased because when the english came, they bought with them diseases such as smallpox, which the Aboriginals were not immune to, and so they died from that. They also died because the English killed many for land.

How many aboriginals in Australia have education?

It is hard to know exactly how many aboriginals are educated in Australia. This is because, although some may not go to school, this does not mean that they are not educated at home.

How did aboriginals migrate to Australia?

It is not known how aboriginals ended up in Australia, as it is an island. It is assumed that they have been there for many thousands of years, migrating from Asia.

What do the Aboriginals worship?

Aboriginals worship the Dreamtime

How do Aboriginals meet?

in which country can you meet aboriginals?

Are there still aboriginals alive today?

If you mean aboriginals as in the Australian aboriginals, yes they are still alive.

How many aboriginals were killed by the smallpox epidemic in the 1700s?


How does dreaming impact on aboriginal life?

The dreaming is the aboriginals belief.The aboriginals belief in the dreaming that is why it afects on the aboriginals life.The dreaming is a important part of an aboriginals life.

What were the positives and negatives of the Aboriginal European contact?

The answer will depend on aboriginals from what part of the world.The answer will depend on aboriginals from what part of the world.The answer will depend on aboriginals from what part of the world.The answer will depend on aboriginals from what part of the world.

Who are aboriginals?

Aboriginals are the indigenous, original inhabitants of Australia,

What is aboriginals totom poles?

Stories of the aboriginals lives.