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there was 13 aftershocks after the earthquake in Haiti

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Q: How many aftershocks has Haiti had since the earthquake?
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How many aftershocks happened in Haiti after the earthquake?

52 aftershocks.

How many aftershocks did haiti earthquake have?

There was fifty-three.

How many aftershocks has japan had since the earthquake?


How many aftershocks have there been since the Canterbury earthquake 2010?

2200. There have been 4,422 aftershocks since the 16th January 2013.

How many aftershocks were their in the Chile earthquake?

More than 100 aftershocks.

How many aftershocks were there during the island of Hawaii earthquake?

There was 8 aftershocks

How many aftershocks did the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake cause?

68 Aftershocks

A major earthquake often generate smaller earthquake called?

These smaller earthquakes are called aftershocks. Aftershocks can often be as strong as the earthquake its self and there can be many.

How many aftershocks are expected after a 7.1 earthquake?

There isn't a set number of aftershocks after an earthquake but they get less frequent over time.

Did they have an earthquake in China?

No, the recent large earthquake of 9.0 was off the coast of Japan along with many hundreds of aftershocks since the initial very large earthquake.

How many aftershocks since the big earthquake?

The Christchurch earthquake was of 7.1 magnitude, and since then there have been 11 aftershocks over 5.0, and 135 over 4.0. Allegedly 1894 total, but the magnitude is not stated, but that must be 3.0 or 3.5.

How many aftershocks were there after Japan's earthquake?


How many aftershocks were there in the 1906 earthquake?

Over 9000

How many aftershocks Kamchatka 1952 earthquake?


How many aftershocks followed the Kobe earthquake?

More than 50 aftershocks all measuring about 4.9

How many people from haiti came to America since the earthquake?

ra da

How many aftershocks were there after the napier earthquake?

there were 525 after shocks two weeks after the amin earthquake

Why did the earthquake in christchurch have so many aftershocks?

The reason that there have been so many aftershocks after the 2010 Christchurch earthquake is because bigger earthquakes have not only stronger aftershocks, but more of them. Aftershocks happen because when an earthquake occurs, the earth's plates hardly ever settle into a stable position straight away. So, the newly moved rock has to be settle.

How many aftershocks were there after the earthquake in Japan on March 11 2011?

Within a few hours after the earthquake, there had already been 19 aftershocks reported. Aftershocks do continue, but they are decreasing in intensity. News reports have said there were at least 50 aftershocks so far.

How many aftershocks occurred from the Sumatra earthquake?

Some math was required to figure this out, but i enjoy math, and there were 3,399 aftershocks.

Why are so many aftershocks the February earthquake?

it is theworst mounth

How many aftershocks were there in the Loma Prieta earthquake?

there were several after shocks

How many children were injured in the haiti earthquake?

Five had been injured during the Haiti earthquake.

How do can you tell an earthquake has ended?

You can't since there are always aftershocks but no reliable way to determine how many there will be and over what period of time before they subside.

How many aftershocks were recorded after the Napier earthquake?

8456 recorded in the napier