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50 to 100 million animals die worldwide everyday because of animal experimentation.

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Q: How many animals die a day because of animal experimentation?
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How many animals are used for animal experimentation?

well all i know is that dogs get experimented on

Benefits of animal experimentation?

many vaccines have been developed because of it such as polio, whooping cough, or tb. What do you value more, the life of an animal, or a human?

How many animals die every year from animal abuse?

With a combination of animal experimentation,factory farming,fur farming,hunting and animal "entertainment" the number is at least double the population of humans on this planet.

Views against animal testing?

Animal experimentation is a moral issue because many people believe that harming and even killing animals for our own benefit is wrong. However, others believe that things like cosmetics and medicines should be tested on animals first before humans start to use them in case they are lethal.

How many animals have been endangered because of animal testing?

mice are the only animal that are endangered

How many animals hate their owners because of animal cruelty?

mostly all of them

How many animals die in a year because animal cruelty?

Bilions and that is no exageration.

How many animals die each year because of animal cruelty?


How many animals die each year because of animal abuse?


How many animals die yearly because of cosmetic animal testing?

About 14 million animals die yearly due to animal testing for cosmetics.

What happens to animals in medical experiments?

Some of the animals could die an awful painful death and that is pretty sad to see people experiment on innocent animals. What happens to animals in medical experiments will depend totally on who is controlling the experiments. It's true that some could die a painful death, but one would have to do extensive, non-biased research to determine how the animals are treated during experimentation and if any die such deaths as described above. It's best not to take everything you read or hear about any animal issues as the total truth as some are totally biased against any type of experimentation on animals of any type. No matter what animal scientists experiment on, they do it in a vile and brutal way. Sometimes, scientists cut out the top of an animal's skull and put an electrical chip in there. You would be surprised how many animals suffer this kind of treatment a year - millions. The type of experiments really depends on what happens to the animal. In most cases, the experiments involve invasive procedures, one of which is called vivisection. Animal experimentation is not necessary as all though non-human animals have similar bodies to humans, they are not identical, and the desired results are seldom produced. There are alternatives to animal experimentation, such as voluntary human dosing, but because it is cheaper to continue to torture involuntary individuals who have no rights under the current law, animal experimentation continues. There is no justification for cruelty.

How many animal are put down in a year because of animal abuse?

aproximately 1,654,545,000,000, animals a year die from animal cruelty

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