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How many articles does the US Constitution contain?

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The US Constitution contains 7 articles:

Article 1 deals with the Legislative branch; Article 2 is the executive branch; Article 3 is the Judicial branch; Article 4 is federalism; Article 5 is the Amendment process; and Article 6 is the supremacy clause.

And the 7th article is the ratification of the Constitution.
There are 7 articles.




States' Powers and Limits


National Supremecy


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How many articles are there in the US constitution?

There are 7 Articles in the constitution and 27 Amendments.

What does the constitution contain?

what does the us constitution contain? what does the us constitution contain?

How many parts dose the US Constitution contain?

The Constitution contains a Preamble, which is the introduction to the Constitution and the purpose into the Constitution. The second part the Constitution contains are the 7 articles. The third part the Constitution contain is the 27 amendments. The first 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights.

How many articles is the US Constitution divided into?

7 articles and 27 amendments

What did the US Constitution do for the Articles of Confederation?

The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.

How many words are in the 2nd articles of the US Constitution?

1021 which is 22% of the words in the constitution

How many articles are made up in the US Constitution?

There are 7.

Who many articles and amendments make up the US Constitution?

7 articles27 amendments

How many sections does the US Constitution contain?


How many articles are in the first amendments to the US Constitution?

27 amendments

How many new articles have been added to the US Constitution?

its false

What came first the articles of confederation or us constitution drafted?

Articles first and then constitution.

How many Articles of Confederation are there in the constitution?

The Articles of Confederation were replaced by the US Constitution on June 21, 1788. Although some of the ideas were carried forward, there are technically none in the Constitution.

The constitution replaced the articles of what?

The constitution replaced the articles of confederation. The us constitution is what Americans should always live by.

What is the the first constitution of the US?


When the US Supreme Court decides if a law is constitutional does it refer to the US Constitution or the Articles of Confederation?

The US Constitution. The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation in the late 18th century.

Are the Articles of Confederation the 2nd Constitution of the US?

No. The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the United States. The second constitution was the US Constitution of 1789, which is still the constitution of the United States in operation today.

What was our first US Constitution?

The Articles of Confederation served as a Constitution.

Which happened first the Articles of Confederation or US Constitution?

The Articles of Confederation were the first national documents were drawn up before the US Constitution. The US Constitution created to solve some of the problems the Articles of Confederation' failed to properly address.

The first government of the US was called the Articles of the Constitution.?

No, it was the articles of confederation.

How many aricles are in the constitution?

There are seven articles in the United States Constitution. The US Constitution includes the Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 amendments.

How many articles were in the US Constitution in 1787?

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Why did the US move from the Articles of Confederation to the constitution?

The Articles were terrible compared to what values seemed fair and of what was put into the Constitution.

Is the Articles of Confederation part of the constitution?

No, they were replaced in full by the US Constitution

What was the constitution written to replace?

The US Constitution replace the Articles of Federation.