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1000 babies

Reproductive behaviour, they are haremic, which means one male will spawn with a group of females. After courting for an entire day, the fish will spawn around midnight. They will rise to the top of the water column during and release gelatinous balls of eggs, each ball containing about 2000 eggs. The egg balls will dissolve after about 24 hours releasing the individual eggs. The eggs themselves will hatch after about 36 hours. The fry will immediately feed on the available plankton. As with most fish it is difficult to keep enough plankton in the water to keep the fry alive.
They can produce up to 30,000 offspring... Which is a big reason why they are such an invasive species in Florida, the Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico.

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How many babies can a lionfish reproduce?

they lay about 20,000 eggs each time they mate

How many calories are there in a lionfish filet?

There are about 150 calories in one six ounce lionfish filet.

How many legs does the lionfish have?


Could a piranha kill a lionfish?

No. The lionfish has poisonous body and a lionfish is bigger.

How many eggs can a lionfish lay?


Could a gar kill a lionfish?

No. A lionfish is very poisonous, and a lionfish can poison it with its venom.

What is the Latin name for lionfish?

Pterolis volitans is the Latin name of Lionfish. Lionfish is the common name.

What is exanple of a lionfish?

An example of an lionfish are dwarf lionfish. Lionfish have poisonous fins that extend out from their bodies that are extremely potent and can be fatal to a person if not treated immediately.

How many gallons does a lionfish need?

20 gallons

Could a lionfish kill a piranha?

Yes. A lionfish has poisonous spines and a poisonous body to protect itself. If a piranha and a lionfish met, the piranha will attack the lionfish, but the lionfish would sting it, and kill the piranha and eat it.

Lionfish originaly came from?

Lionfish are originally from the pacific ocean however, they can cause many dangers to the environment as well as to human life here in the United States. That is why the Lionfish are now being considered an invasive specie.

What eats the lionfish?

Lionfish are eaten by grouper and people.

What can kill lionfish?

A fisherman and a grouper can kill a lionfish.

How long can a lionfish grow to?

Do you mean the saltwater Lionfish? In which case, which species? The most well known Volitans Lionfish gets up to 15". While the Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish gets only 4". And there are many other species of Lionfish too. If you meant Lionhead Goldfish, then these fancy Goldfish get to around 5"-8" in body length, excluding tail, sometimes larger.

How do lionfish communiate or what kind of sounds or noises does the lionfish make?

lionfish make a very weird type of sound

How many offspring does a lionfish have?

A mature female Lionfish can spawn over two million eggs a year. She can lay eggs about every four days.

What are some defense structures for a lionfish?

Lionfish have poisonous spines.

Who would win in a fight between an alligator gar and a lionfish?

I would say a lionfish because once the gar starts biting the lionfish, the lionfish stings the gar, poisoning the gar, and killing it.

How long does a lionfish live?

lionfish live for 372 years in the deep blue. lionfish live for 372 years in the deep blue.

What is dangerous about lionfish?

lionfish have deadly sharp spines on them that are full with venom.

Where does a lionfish live?

The lionfish lives in the pacific ocean. They are in the twilight zone.

What eats lionfish?

Humans, grouper, and large fish eat lionfish.

What is the food chain of a lionfish?

eats crab, shark eats lionfish

Why are lionfish called lionfish?

because it looks like a lion and a fish

What is the size of a lionfish?

The size of a lionfish is about 6.2 to 42.4 cm long.