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How many baggage each person can take in britishairways?

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Google "British Airways"

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How many baggage is allowed?

1 bag a person under 50 lbs. or you'll have to pay a lot of money.

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How many kilos of luggage allowance the Saudi airlines have?

1- One check in baggage weighing 32kg maximum each passenger. 2- One hand carry bag weighing 9kg each passenger.

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100 tons

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How many kilos allowed in PAL from Manila to Cebu?

This depends on the airline. For Cebupacific, they have travel Lite which has no check in baggage allowance. For air phil they have free 15 kg baggage for check in. You can have to atleast 30 KG of check in baggage allowance.

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What are the career opportunities for an airport baggage handler?

The job of an airport baggage handler can be challenging due to the work hours, working conditions and physical expectations. For these reasons, several websites list baggage handling jobs in many airports across the U.S.

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