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The number of bales that are produced per acre varies a lot by area, soil conditions, type of cotton, and weather conditions. For instance, in Lubbock, Texas in 2012, cotton production varied from 1/2 bale per acre to 4 bales per acre. The higher yields came from fields that were irrigated.

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How many bales of cotton per acre?


How many bales of cotton were produced in 1860?


How many Small bales of hay per acre?

You can get approximately 100 small bales per acre. This is dependent on the quality of the hay field.

How many 2 strand bales of hay can you get from 1 acre?

a lot

How many bales of cotton did the south produce in 1792?

about 180,000

How many bales of hay from an acre of alfalfa?

The number of bales of hay you can get from an acre of alfalfa depends on multiple variables, such as the rate at which the field was seeded, how well the alfalfa grew, and the size of the bales. It also depends on how long the alfalfa has been planted and if it is the first, second, or third cutting. In general, you should be able to get about 75 100-pound bales per acre at each cutting.

How many cotton bales are in a module?

The average KBH module builder can hold between 14 to 16 bales depending on the amount of compression and the overall weight of the cotton.

How many small square bales per acre?

The amount of bales will vary according to the type of grass or legume you are growing, how many cutting you get, where you live, your weather, how much/often you fertilized your fields, and the size of your bales.

How many bales of cotton did the US produce in 2009?

12.4 million bales, all types, both upland and pima.

How many cotton bales did Mississippi balein 2009?

According to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, Mississippi's cotton production in 2009 was 450,000 480-pound bales, down 43% from 2008 production of 683,000 bales.

How many bales of cotton are in a module?

depending on how tightly the module is packed a module typically has about 13-16 bales. Most of the time, the module will be 14.5-15 bales

A bale of cotton weighs about 500 pounds how many tons will 20 bales of cotton weigh?

The standard for cotton bales is supposed to be 480 pounds per bale, so twenty bales will weigh 9,600 lbs., divided by 2000 lbs. per ton equals 4.8 tons.

How many large square bales of hay per acre?

75-100 bales depending on the type of hay, 1st or 2nd cutting , and the size of the bale.

How many 4x5 round bales of milo stubble will an acre produce?

Depends on how heavy those bales are, soil quality and your location. As such the question cannot really be answered.

How many round bales of hay can you get out of one acre?

On average, around 3 to 4 bales, but it all depends on the forage yield at the time you will be taking hay off.

Where can I find a modern cotton industry?

Many countries have modern cotton production facilities. The worlds largest producers are: People's Republic of China 32.0 million bales India 23.5 million bales United States 12.4 million bales Pakistan 9.8 million bales Brazil 5.5 million bales Uzbekistan 4.4 million bales Australia 1.8 million bales Turkey 1.7 million bales Turkmenistan 1.1 million bales Syria 1.0 million bales (480-pound bales) Any of these will have modern technology somewhere

How many round bales can you get per acre?

This all depends on location, climate, moisture content, plant/soil fertility, health of the forage in the field prior to cutting, and time of year. In good growing years you can get a lot of RB's per acre, but in poorer times when there is drought you often get half to a quarter as many bales/acre.

How many round bales hay can you get off one acre?

You can usually get three to four rounds per acre of land. This of course will depend upon your land.

How many square bales of hay does it take to lightly mulch one acre?

An acre is 43,560 square feet. Most small square bales would lightly cover at least 2x10 ft, but more likely 2x15 ft . Therefore; 43,560 divided by 30 (if each square bale covers 30 sq/ft as an average) = 1,452 square bales. If the bales are larger (round bales), obviously fewer bales would be required. Large round bales would likely provide at least 10X the coverage so likely in the range of 145 round bales

How many bales of cotton are grown in Georgia a year?

Between 1.6 million and 2.3 million bales per year over the last 10 years.

How many kg is one bales of cotton in India?

A standard bale of cotton in India is 170 kilograms (375 lbs US), compared with 218 kilograms (480 lbs US). Bales of cotton can vary in weight from this standard because of variability in ginning operations but, whenever numbers of bales are quoted in reports, this measure, sometimes described as a "statistical bale", is applied.

How many gallons of ethanol are produced from an acre of corn?

Generally speaking about 300 gallons per acre.

How many acres do you need to get 30 round bales?

This depends on a few factors: Forage quality, forage biomass in terms of lbs/acre, forage content, hayfield/pasture conditions, and the size/weight of the round bale. Some areas can get get 3 bales per acre, especially if the bales are packed light and small, whereas others may only get 2 or 3 acres per bale.

How many tons of cotton grown per acre?

The cotton yield forecast is 685 pounds per acre, down 367 pounds from last year's yield. See the related link below.

How many crayons can be produced from one acre of soybeans?