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The number of batteries needed to power a robot will depend on the design of the specific robot.

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2016-01-24 12:39:56
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Q: How many batteries are needed to power a robot?
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2 BA batteries are required to power TA-312 Phone

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What does the company VEX Robotics offer?

At present mostly (lead-acid) batteries are used as a power source. Many different types of batteries can be used as a power source for robots. They range from lead acid batteries which are safe and have relatively long shelf lives but are rather heavy to silver cadmium batteries that are much smaller in volume and are currently much more expensive. Designing a battery powered robot needs to take into account factors such as safety, cycle lifetime and weight. Generators, often some type of internal combustion engine, can also be used. However, such designs are often mechanically complex and need fuel, require heat dissipation and are relatively heavy. A tether connecting the robot to a power supply would remove the power supply.

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