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Q: How many blogs does yugster have?
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What are the best deals found on the Yugster website?

Yugster specializes in having a daily deal that involves selling a product for a price that is much lower than normal. One such deal is a universal remote with a colour touch screen down from $400 to $155.

What are some cool blogs to start reading?

Some cool general blogs you can start reading include Goodreads Blog and the Huffington Post blogs. There are many blogs on many topics, so read the blogs that interest you.

How many environmental blogs are there?

I think there are lots of blogs about the environment. It is hard to count it. There are so many.

How many blogs online?

I think there are millions of blogs online. I do not know the exact number.

What other blogs are there besides Facebook MySpace and Friendster?

Blogs are personal logs or diaries. Of which there are many millions. Sites such as those suggested are not blogs in themselves but platforms for the blogs. Many people create their own platforms on their own sites.

How is wiki different from blogs?

Wikipedia is full of facts written by many many many users. Blogs are written by 1-5 people that the author of the post gave permission to do. Blogs you can trust because Wikipedia may have information that may not be true, blogs might, but it is a lower chance.

How do you find blogs by subject matter?

There are many blog directories that offer lists of blogs by categories. You can try Technorati or many others.

Where I can find Kurdish blogs?

There are so many kurdish blogs. But this is one of my favorite: browse " kurdistan adventures".

How many wordpress blogs?

There are lots of bloggers in this world. In the same way also, there are lots of wordpress blogs.

How many political blogs are there?

It is really difficult to measure because new blogs are created each day.

How many blogs are registered in UK?


How many people go on blogs everyday?

in the world there are more than 1 Billion + users and viewers on blogs

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