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I can count them then, because I was too young to even know what bones are.

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Q: How many bone did you have when you were a baby?
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Related questions

How many bone have a baby?

There are over 300 bones in a baby

How many bones in the baby?

A baby has more than 325 bone in their body.

How many bone does the 3 years baby?

i think 270 in human baby and sometime its 236

How many bone do a baby have?

babies has 300-350 bones

How many human bone?

An adult has 206 bones, but a baby has more.

How did baby chochos brake his bone?

because he chochosed hos bone he choced his bone

What type of bone precursor is seen in the skeleton of a newborn baby?

The type of bone precursor seen in a baby is cartilage. This eventually will be turned into bone.

Which is the set of 33 irregular bone in your body?

baby bone

How many bone are in a baby brain?

Brain-none, if you mean skull ask new question

Is there any bone developed after birth?

Many bones are still developing, in a newborn baby. The skull, for example, exists in sections that are not fully fused together into a single bone. The same is true of many other bones.

What is your skeleton made of when you are a baby?


How many bones are found in the human skeleton of a baby?

A baby is born with 303 bones. Some of these bones will later fuse with other bones to form one bone. A baby has 176 true bones.

Do you cook baby back ribs bone up or down?

The ribs should be cooked with bone down.

Who drops Nikki in Silent to the Bone?

Vivian the baby sitter attacks the baby after the baby won't be quiet.

What job does the bone do in the body?

The job of the bone is to keep you from being a jellyfish basically. Also the other job of the bone is to put in a female to make baby. I have big bone.

What is the difference between a baby's bones and a adult bones?

baby s bones are not developed as much as adult bones are in a new born baby,only the bone shafts are ossified ; the bone ends (epiphyses)are made of cartalige wereas by about the age of 18 the cartalige is replaced by bone and the growth is complete

As a baby grows the cartilage is replaced by what?

As a baby grows some of the cartilage is replaced by bone.

How many bone are in your body?

A baby has 300 bones in their body.A adult would have 206 bones in their body.So it depends on your age.

Cartilage in a baby's skeleton is broken down and replaced by which kind of bone cells?

Osteoclasts break down bone and osteoblasts build up bone.

How many more bones do babies have than adults?

There are 206 bone in a human adult and 300 bones in a baby, so 94 is your answer.

What do you give to a baby cat?

I Gave cat a bone

How much bone did you have when you where a baby?

300-350 bones.

Who has the most bone a baby or adult and how many do they have?

A baby has about 300 bones upon birth. As they age, some of those bones bond together. Once at adult age, they will have 206 bones.

What is the medical term meaning hardening of the bone?

Ossification is the normal process of bone hardening; osteosclerosis is abnormal bone hardening.your funny bone

A type of bone fracture producing many bone fragments is?

a type of bone fracture producing many bone fragments is?