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How many books of Skulduggery Pleasant are going to be made?


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There are going to be 9 Skulduggery Pleasant books in total.

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The Skulduggery Pleasants are split into 3 trilodgys. To be fair, the third trilodgy is still in the process of being made. But here they are : The Faceless Ones trilodgy Skulduggery Pleasant Skulduggery Pleasant - Playing with fire Skulduggery Pleasant - The Faceless Ones The Necromancer Trilodgy Skulduggery Pleasant - Dark Days Skulduggery Pleasant - Mortal Coil Skulduggery Pleasant - Death Bringer Then there's the Darquess trilodgy, but it hasn't been published yet.

Skulduggery pleasant will be taken to court after killing an Innocent man and been made an outlaw. Stephanie has to convince the elders to help her get skulduggery back his job and his life while china is in bad trouble with bad guys who eventually shoot her down to her death.

Currently there are no plans for auditions for any character. In fact Warner Bros. are still undecided if the movie is going to be made.

Personally, It made lots of senseIt is based in Dublin i think and has a lot of cool scenes

The film hasn't even been made yet, so there is no rating. However as the book is aimed at kids 9-13 It is likely it will be a PG.

Skulduggery Pleasant is a book about a girl named Stephanie Edgley who gets attacked by a man, but is saved by Skulduggery Pleasant, a man that she met at her uncle Gordon Edgleys funeral. She discovers that Skulduggery Pleasant is a skeleton that can do magic. Skulduggery tells her about a world of magic which is right underneath her nose. She becomes Skulduggery's partner and goes around with him, meeting people, and trying to beat the villain Nefarian Serpine. When Skulduggery gets captured by Serpine Stephanie goes to China Sorrows for help. China makes her stay in her apartment by controlling her with her name. Later Stephanie thinks of a new name (Valkyrie Cain) and goes to Ghastly Bespoke, a tailor. They go to the elders and get two cleavers (guards) and with Tanith Low they get Skulduggery back. Serpine sends a cleaver to attack them but they all escape, with the exception of Ghastly who is now a statue. At the sanctuary they get attacked by the white cleaver, so they have to leave Tanith behind to fight it. Serpine is trying to get the book of names so they fight Serpine who has the sceptre of the ancients (a deadly weapon made by the first sorcerers to use against their gods). Serpine uses the sceptre on Skulduggery, but Skulduggery uses the book of names as a shield and it gets destroyed. Serpine loses the sceptre because he drops it and he points his hand at Stephanie who feels pain. Skulduggery gets the sceptre and uses it against Serpine who turns to dust. The sceptre of the ancients breaks after Skulggery uses it. They go back and find Tanith in a bad state, and Skulduggery gives the sceptre to China.

No, but most will. Answer Most will not. By far the vast majority of books will never be made into movies. Only a very tiny percentage of books are made into movies.

Obviously Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Fletcher, Ghastly. Ghastly as an Elder, Madame Mist as and Elder, and Erskine Ravel as Head of the Sanctuary. Melancholia comes as the Death Bringer. Kenny Dunne as a man who has seen magic people and finds out that they are magic. Dead Linch. Her baby sistr Alison has finally made her way into the world. Jitter Girls. Lord Vile.

I don't think they did. Derek Landy said that he was too busy writing the sixth book to worry about a film. I'd guess the film would start being made in 2012/2013/2014.

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my name is Jeff Smith and i write bone books i say the are 9

i think so, iv seen fan made pics with them kissing, but reading the books would help, iv only read half the series. - yeah but in a close friend sorta way

I would love to see these books made into movies!!

at the moment they have made about 7 to 8 books but there might be more if the athor keeps it up

The iron series are very interesting and amazing. However, the books are not going to be make into movies.

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There isn't going to be an 8th because they only made 5 books.

if u want to know this kind of answer u can read the Skulduggery books or send us an email.if u do believe this kind of thing please also send us an email^^ ^^thanks YOU!

Definitely not. All books aren't coherent enough or popular enough to be made into movies. If you are asking about a specific series, be sure to use the name of the series or the books in your question. :)

Norman Bridwell made the clifford books.

It has not yet been confirmed if all the Percy Jackson books will be made into movies. The cats and director said most likely, but it depends on how the first and second movie goes.

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The 2005 film did not do too well. Maybe someday his other books will be made into movies.

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