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How many brands does pen have?

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Does a BIC pen have more chemicals that resembles pheromones in it than other pen brands?

Not specifically. Papermate pens and Sharpies are just as effective.

The Best Pen to Write with?

When you need a ballpoint pen to write with, the brand of the pen means everything. Name brand pens seem to write better and last longer than store brands. Name brands will cost more but It beats throwing away a pen every other week because the ink won�t come out or it has came apart.

What is a fountain pen?

A fountain pen is a nib pen that feeds ink the to nib via gravity and a capillary action that allows for smooth writing. They can store ink in the pens body or in an ink cartridge or converter which is can be re-filled with ink from an ink bottle.Major Fountain Pen brands are Parker, Waterman, Lamy, Cross, Montegrappa and many more

How many brands of computers are?

so many brands of computers are there

I need more office storage for my writing utensils. What are some brands of pen organizers?

Some of the leading brands of desk organization products are Vault, Bosca, Aston Leather, and rolodex.

How big is a pen?

It depends on the brand. Sometimes different brands make different sizied objects that are frequently bought

How many centimetres a pen is?

10 It depends on the pen.

How many syllables in pen?

there is 1 syllable in pen because there is 1 vowel in pen

Types of brand?

There are many types of brands. These include clothing brands, food company brands, electronic brands, furniture brands, as well as appliance brands.

Is there any recommended brands for a calligraphy pen?

I own one and it is an Eggnog 2000 calligraphy pen. I recommend it greatly! Very high quality! Go to Eggnog.com to buy one for only $19.99

How many different brands of chocolate are there?

There is 300 brands of chocolate!There is 300 brands of chocolate!

How many animals can fit in a pen?

It depends on the size of the pen

How do you draw a pen?

You can draw a pen many different ways, be creative.

How many different brands of bananas are there?

there are roughly 1400 different brands of bananas, including the small brands :)

How many brands of dishwashing soap are there?

there are about 1,000 brands in the whole world

How many brands of murree brewery?

Type your answer here... 20 brands

How many brands of root beer are there?

There are hundreds of brands of root beer.

How many brands of potato chips are there?

Many. many brands, like the many seen here at http://www.world-of-potato-chips.com

How many centimeters long is a pen?

a regular pen is about 12 centimeters

How many car brands are in the world?

there are approimately 70 brands of cars in the world

How many differant brands of shoes are there?

loads of brands. you really can't name it!

How many elements are in an ink pen?

3 in a bic pen 4 in all others

What do you do if you have a genuine kooky pen?

=it means it is rare and not many of that kooky pen is being made=

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