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How many breeds of horse are there?

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there are about 267 breeds in the world

AnswerTher are hundreds of horse breeds all over the world - some American breeds, however, are classed as a breed in America and a colour everywhere else, such as the Palomino and Pinto.
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How many horse breeds are there in North America?

250 horse breeds are in N.A

How many different breeds were there?

267 horse breeds

How many different horse breeds are there?

there are over 350 pony and horse breeds in the world.

How many seahorse breeds are there?

how many sea horse breeds are there in the world

How many horse breeds exists today?

Thare are many horse breeds in the world. Below is a link where you can find existing and extinct horse breeds:

How many horse breeds are in the world?

there sre more than 100 horse breeds in the world

How many horse breeds are there in America?

There are 96 beautiful horse breeds in America my favs are the American Quarter Horse,Paint Horse,and Mustang horses.

How many horse breeds are in Europe?

there are about 43 breeds of horses in Europe

How many breeds are on HorseIsle?

There are 100 breeds of horses on horse isle but more breeds get added.

How many different kinds of horse breeds are their?

there are over 500 different breeds

How can you change breeds of horse on my horse club?

there is many ways to. If you want a cross all you have to do is breed the two different breeds of a horse. For ex: Arabain + any horse but not the same.

How many breeds of horses are there in the US?

There are over almost 100-200 horse breeds in the US.Two hundred and five horse breeds live in North America.

The names of all the horse-breeds?

there is many. i cannot name them, but there is over 300!

What are different horse breeds?

There is many different horse breeds, some examples are the Appaloosa, the American Quarter Horse, The Mustang, the Arabian, the Pinto or Paint, and The Finn horse. There are also Pony breeds too like the Shetland, Welsh, Pinto ponies, Paint ponies, and many others.

How many breeds of domestic horse are there?

there are very few breeds of horse left in the world that aren't domesticated. if your looking for a riding horse, i reccommend the Conemara Pony =D.

How many different types of horse breeds are there?

There are OVER 100 horse breeds in the world!Here are some links of some horse breeds and information about them:, I hope you find my information handy. :)

What breed of horse should you get?

It depends on what you want to do with the horse. For ridding there are very many breeds great for ridding! I personally perfer Quarter Horses, but there are meny breeds, it just depends on the purpose intended for the horse and the breeds you like. You can find many horse brees books in librarys and in book stores.

How many horse breeds originate from Germany?


How many popular horse breeds are there in the world?

It depends on where you are

Where in the world has the most horse breeds?

The USA has the most horses breeds, many of them created on US soil and many other breeds from around the world.

Can thoroughbreds outrun other breeds?

Yes !! Throughbreds are the fastest horse breeds in all of the horse breeds !!

How many horse breeds are there in the world in total?

There are approximately 267 breeds of horses and ponies in the world.

How many different breeds of horses are there in the whole world?

There are approximately 267 horse breeds in the world

How many pony breeds in the world?

There are 72 breeds of ponies in the world out of around 300-350 horse and pony breeds total.

Are there more than 300 horse breeds?

Well, I haven't counted them all but i think there are over 300 horse breeds, as there are many rare and unknown breeds which are not included on the Horse Breeds page on Wikipedia, although this is still a good list. I found a website which is new, so, unfortunately incomplete. However, they have listed many horse breeds. Check out the website if you are interested: Hope I've helped you answer your question!