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How many calories are in a bottle of whiskey?


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There are about 635 calories in a medium bottle of whiskey.

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If you are referring to a "fifth" of whiskey, there are approximately 1800 calories per bottle, although caloric content may vary by brand.

It says on the back of the bottle. I think that's answer enough!

There are approximately 100 calories in one shot of Fireball whiskey. The bottle denotes that there are 108 calories per 1.5 oz, which is the serving size. Fireball whiskey is characterized by its strong cinnamon flavor.

1 oz of whiskey contains about 65 calories.

Whiskey is 64 calories per ounce.

1 oz. of whiskey is about 64 calories.

There are about 100 calories in 1.5 fl oz of 80 proof whiskey.

There are 56 calories in a shot of Whiskey - approximately 25 grams.

about 500 calories in a bottle

There is about 1780 calories,in a bottle of henny the 750ml bottle...

There are about 635 calories in a bottle of wine.

There are about 610 calories in a bottle of Chardonnay.

There are about 130 calories in a bottle of Gatorade.

There are about 184 calories in a bottle of coke.

There are about 152 calories in a bottle of Pilsner.

There are about 150 calories in a bottle of SideKicks.

A standard serving of whiskey (or whisky) contains 97 calories, no fat, and no cholesterol.

How many calories in a 750 ml bottle of merlot

There is about 232 calories in each bottle.

There are 140 calories in a bottle of Stella Artois.

Approximately 64 calories per ounce.

It varies somewhat depending on the alcohol content, but a reasonable estimate is about 1600 dietary Calories, or what a chemist would call 1600 kcal.

how many calories in a bottle of 750ml spumante champagne

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