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The amount of calories that is burned while standing up will depend on how much the person weighs. For example, if a person weighs 150, they will burn 114 calories per hour which would be 684 calories in six hours.


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Standing up, you burn about 1 to 2 calories per minute.

Light standing occupations burn 150 calories per hour

well, if you simply stand up and suck in your stomach you burn calories ^_^ the doctor told me that :]

You burn 1/2 a calorie by standing up. I thought of something cool btw, if you wanna burn those calories, stand up 100 times in a row BURNING 50 CALORIES! OMG!!!

an 150 lb person who gives a 15 minute massage (while standing) will burn around 68 calories

That really depends upon how much you weigh.

anywhere from about 600 calories to about a 1000 calories. It depends on your weight, obviously the heavier you are the more calories you will burn. however, dont consider it a work out, that is about the same amount of calories you would burn just sitting on the couch. The calories being "burnt" reflect, for the most part, the standard amount of energy you body requires just to keep your lights on and organs operating.

it depend's how much dancing you do in 6 hours. if you dance non-stop for 6 hours u can burn off atleast 1830 calories.!

u burn 709 cals when u do 2 hours of swimming

You burn about 3,000 calories playing basketball for 9 hours. Make sure you eat a lot, especially a variety of healthy foods!

It would require something like eight or nine hours of hard manual labor followed by four or five hours in the gym to burn 3,500 calories.

Yes, you do burn calories when sleeping. How many depends on the person. A 160-pound person who sleeps eight hours will lose roughly 549 calories in the process.

It would take most people almost a week to burn 1230 calories. This is because it would normally take about 6 to 8 hours to burn this many calories.

You might burn 1301 calories if you weigh about 145 pounds and you are having to working really hard and you are working nonstop for 2 hours.

6 calories a minute 96 calories in 15 minutes 190 calories in 30 minutes 380 calories in 1 hour 570 calories in 1½ hours 760 calories in 2 hours

You Burn 100 CALORIES But when you smile the strongest you burn 1,000 Calories

how many calories did I burn doing cardio

'150 calories.....easily'...I think he means per hour. Merely standing through an 8 hour shift would burn ~800 calories (100/hr). Physical labor beyond just standing still would increase that number depending on the intensity and kind of work.

you burn 2 calories from drawing

Tomatoes do not burn calories.

How long it takes to burn off 3000 calories depends on the activity you choose and your size. If you select a moderate activity that burns off 200 calories an hour, it will take you 15 hours to burn off that many calories.

you will lose 3456 calories if you work out on the Wii Fit for 56 hours.

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