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3,000,000 are made in U.S and 4,000,000 are made in southe America

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Q: How many cameras were made the first year they came out?
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Which were the first Canon cameras ever produced?

The first Canon cameras ever produced were called "The Kawanon." These cameras were produced made and designed between 1933 and 1936. Since then, Canon has made many more cameras and has become very successful.

How many computer were made the first year a computer came out?


How many digital cameras were made in the US?


How many cameras has Kodak made?

more than 1

Are cameras made of metal?

Not all cameras are made of metal. Some types of cameras, like the SONY DSC - T7 are made of a metal outer core, but the inside still consists of many plastics, glass and flex cable materials.

Which cameras have a printer dock available for purchase?

There are many cameras that have printer docks available for purchase. These include cameras that are made by Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony.

Where are Nikon cameras made?

It used to be that Nikons were all made in Japan, nowadays many are made in China.

What websites offer digital cameras made for kids?

Yes, there are many websites that have digital cameras for kids. is a website that sells digital cameras for kids that are easy to use and handle.

What types of cameras are available at Cameras Direct?

There are many different cameras available at Cameras Direct. Cameras Direct has all sorts of digital cameras as well as video cameras. They have the Nikon D7000, Nikon D3200, Canon 7D, and many many more cameras for sale.

How many Back to the Future films were made before 1980?

None. The first one came out in 1985.

How many cameras are there?

Seven. There are seven cameras.

Was the camera made from wood or metal?

In the early days of photography, most cameras were made of wood, a few from metal. Nowadays cameras are made from many materials, depending on quality - chiefly metal or plastic. The lenses are usually glass.

How many models of digital cameras are made by Casio?

At one point Casio made quite a few different cameras. Currently, in the US, they only sell camera accessories and no longer carry any new digital cameras. You can, however, find a few older models on Amazon.

How many boa species exist?

The cameras made the ussr much better than guns

Are there any companies who offer a digital camera made specifically for kids?

There are a few canon cameras and pixar cameras that are made for children but many are easy enough for children to use and actually take very good photos.

How many pokemon existed when it first came out?

A total of about 4 Pokemon existed when it first came out.

How many cameras are used in ipl cricket?

3 cameras

How many cameras does a psp have?

No models of the PSP have built-in cameras.

How many cameras does curiosity have?

17 high powered cameras

When were touch screen cameras invented?

Touch screens have been used for many years in various applications. The first use of touch screens in cameras was seen as soon as touch screens were made sufficiently small to fit them to compact still and video cameras. They were seen in mass produced models from 2001 onwards and have become very common ever since.

What makes cybershot cameras so popular?

Cybershot camera's are popular for many reasons. They have a unique look, they are made by sony ( a very good company) and they are very good cameras with many features at a reasonable price.

Timeline of olden day cameras from 1840 to 1849?

Cameras have been around for many years. They capture memories that are important. The first cameras were much boxier and more difficult to use than the compact options available now.

How many cameras does iPad have?

The first generation had none. The iPad 2 and new iPad have 2.

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