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Around 7 millions civilians lost their lives in World War 1. Most of these deaths were due to disease and malnutrition.

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Q: How many civilian casualties were there in World War 1?
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What were the civilian casualties in Russia after World War 1?

one and a half million civilian casualties

How many Canadian casualties in World War I?

64,944 Military deaths and 2000 civilian deaths.

Why was there such a difference in civilian casualties?

There was a large difference in civilian casualties between countries in World War I. This was due to the magnitude and style of each battle.

How many civilian casualties were there in the gulf war?

over 400.000

How many Chinese casualties were there in World War 2?

Military 1,324,000, Civilian 10,000,000 Total 11,324,000

Why was World War 2 the deadlist war?

world war 2 was the deadliest war because there was more destruction,civilian casualties,and military casualties than any war.

How many civilian and soldiers died in World War II?

Civilian and military casualties are estimated at 50 million to over 70 million fatalities .

How many Axis casualties were there during World War 2?

Germany had 5 million soldiers and 7 million civilian casualties Japan had 2 million soldiers and 3 million civilian " Italy had 330,000 soldiers and 160,000 civilian "

Number of Casualties for the allies in World War 2?

Allied Military Casualties: 14,276,800 Allied Civilian Casualties: 25,686,900 Allied Total Casualties: 39,963,700

What were the disadvantages of the Atomic bombings in Japan in World War 2?

Too many civilian casualties, the illness it brought and the devastation.

What were the cons of dropping the atomic bombs in World War 2?

Mostly the civilian casualties and the devastation.

How many causualties will result from World War 2?

During World War 2, the Allied forces saw over 61 million casualties counting military and civilian. The Axis forces saw over 12 million casualties.

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