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I am not sure about the countries, but I will try to answer the financal part of the question. Somewhere on the internet I read, that on Olympics in Atlanta (which in were in the 1996 btw.) Americans spent 1.7 billion $ (cca. 1.5 billion € than) and on the games in London buget is 2.375 billion pounds (that is more than 3 billion €). So numbers vary a lot.

Click on the question under the 'Related Questions' link to see the 205 countries that are scheduled to participate in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

2011-09-13 01:37:12
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When did the first Olympics happen?

The first Olympic took place in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC. They would do participate in several sports, usually naked.

How many countries participated in Olympics swimming in the past 5 years?

A lot, I know that! :) I know Canada doesn't participate that much in SUMMER olympics because they usually are really awesome in the WINTER olympics.

What is a hot season of the year in which some Olympic games are held?

There are Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics. The Summer Olympics are usually hot, and the Winter Olympics are usually cold.

How do countries determine what athletes go to the Olympics?

Each country usually has Olympic trials and or qualifiers. Then from there If u win the qualifier then u get to represent ur country.

What is the Maximum age limit to participate in Olympic Games?

It is usually from as young as 14 to 40s

How many countries usually go to the Olympics?


Where do they hold Olympics?

Many different places, usually countries trade off who has the Olympics.

How do they choose which countries host the Olympics?

They usually gather all the countries and have a vote for whichever country hosts the Summer and Winter Olympics

How many countries are in the olypics?

About 204 countries usually take part in the Summer Olympics. However, this this figure is lower for the Winter Olympics with only 88 countries.

Why couldn't women participate in the Olympics in ancient Grease?

In western Greece women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic games. Women were not allowed to participate in the ancient Olympics because most women were know to disrespect Zeus and the other gods. Men usually played naked so the women were also not allowed to participate because of their differences to men.==============The original Olympics (like some other festival games) were a religious observance in which the participants made an offering to Zeus of a military virtue called agon. Women weren't warriors, so they didn't have agon.

How do you try out for the Olympics?

Each country has their own way for athlete to qualify for the Olympic Games. In the US most athletes are chosen through a competition where the top athletes are named to the Olympic Team. Those competitions are usually called the Olympic Trials. So, if you're an American and want to try out for the Olympics, find a sport, train hard, and compete in the Olympic Trials. If you win, you go to the Olympics.

How many countries take part in the modern olympics?

The number of countries that take part in the modern Olympics will vary from time to time. On average, there are usually about 205 countries with over 300 events to compete in.

How do you Swim in the Olympics?

To swim in the olympics, you have to be selected for your country's olympic team, which will typically be selected in the year leading up to the competition. Selection usually occurs at a national qualifying event, which you must achieve a qualifying standard to enter. In some countries the qualifying standard for the event must be met at a certain level of competition. Usually up to two atheletes will be selected for each olympic swimming event, but some teams will choose not to enter an event if they do not feel that they can compete seriously with the representatives from other countries.

Do Olympic medal winners have to pay for their medals?

No, usually their countries pay them for winning their medals.

What is the minimum age requirement to participate in the 400 meter in the Olympics?

it sometimes depends on the competition in hand, but the minimum age is usually 14

Does the host country of the Olympics usually take home the most gold medals?

No, if you look at the last Olympic Games held in Greece in 2004, the host nation took just 6 gold medals, the country who takes home the most Gold is usually China, Russia or America, these are huge countries with alot of athletes from which to pick the best for their Olympic squad.

Which month does the summer Olympics usually take place?

In the month of August. The 2016 Olympic will also be held in August 2016

Why is the Olympics in Brazil this year?

Cities, not countries, (though of course the country will have an input) bid to host the Olympic games, usually 8 - 12 years in advance. The International Olympic Commitee will then consider each bid and decide where the game will be held in a particular year. The commitee awarded the 2016 game to Rio

Why are the Olympics rarely held in the southern hemisphere?

Hard to get there, they are usually poor countries, and it is too hot!

What time of the year is the Olympics?

The Olympics can refer to either Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympic Games. the Summer Olympic Games take place usually in the July - September months, while the Winter Olympic Games take place in the November - February period. Till 1992, they were held in the same year, after which they were separated by a two year gap. The Summer Olympics 2008 are being held in Beijing (China) and the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver (Canada). Other than these, there are the Paralympic Games for the physically, mentally and sensorially challenged. These were started in 1948, and are held "para"llel to the Summer Olympics, and the Youth Olympic Games, of which the first edition will be held in Singapore in 2010.

How do competitors qualify to compete in the Olympics?

The qualifying process differs for each event for each country. As far as I know of, there are Olympic qualifying tournaments and trials that are held within each countries (i.e. the World Championship was held in Vancouver, Canada this June). Usually the top 3 in each event will advance to the Olympics, assuming that they meet the Olympic qualifying standards. PS. The top 8 nations can have up to 3 athletes in each event while other participating countries can only send 2 per event.

What are 4 favorite Olympic events?

Well, my 4 favorite events are swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, and softball. At least, those are my faves in the Summer Olympics, because I don't usually watch the Winter Olympics.

Where did champions of the Olympics usually came from in ancient Greece?

The Olympic Games were a religious celebration of the Greek god Zeus. To participate in the games, entrants had to be Greek. So it is not a case of 'usually' but 'must'. Alexander the Great's father Philip II of Macedonia wanted to enter a horse in the Games, and was refused as he was not Greek. He had to fake up a noble ancestor from early times to get permission to enter.

Do we have 08 winter Olympics?

No. I think the next winter Olympics is in 2010.AnswerNo. The Olympics are every two years; though the summer is every four years and the winter is every four years but there are only two years in between. The summer Olympics are 2008, so the winter Olympics will be 2010, then the summer Olympics will be 2012, and the next winter Olympics will be 2014. The Winter Olympic Games are a winter multi-sport event held every four years. They feature winter sports held on snow or ice, such as Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, bobsledding, and ice hockey.Each National Olympic Committee (NOC), as with the Summer Olympics, enters athletes to compete against other NOC's athletes for gold, silver, and bronze medals. Fewer countries participate in the Winter Olympics than the Summer Olympics, due largely to the reduced availability of winter sports in many countries nearer to the Equator, and where access to winter sport training facilities are quite limited or non-existent. Also areas in which the Winter Olympics are usually held, must be near a mountain range where it snows - for the Alpine skiing events. Outdoor natural snow is also a necessity for cross-country skiing.david@

What is the Olympic march past?

The Olympic March Past refers to the walk that is taken by the participants of various disciplines from different countries during the opening ceremony. Greece usually leads the Olympic march past with the host country last.