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How many daylight hours were there in Rome Italy in July 1995?


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January 31, 2009 5:28AM

You didn't specify a date, so I chose July 15, 1995. Looks like about 15 hours of light, plus 20-30 minutes of twilight at dawn and dusk.


The following information is provided for Rome, Italy (longitude E12.5, latitude N41.9): Saturday

15 July 1995 Universal Time + 2h


Begin civil twilight 05:14

Sunrise 05:47

Sun transit 13:16

Sunset 20:44

End civil twilight 21:17


Moonrise 21:56 on preceding day

Moon transit 03:35

Moonset 09:22

Moonrise 22:31

Moonset 10:30 on following day

Phase of the Moon on 15 July: waning gibbous with 88% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated. Full Moon on 12 July 1995 at 12:50 (Universal Time + 2h).