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How many days will bread mold?


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If you leave out maybe about a week.

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That will depend upon the bread and its exposure to mold, as well as the formulation itself.

bread mold in about 10/15 days it deepens what type of bread it is

About a million if you stick it int freezer.

I think that mold according to the Comte of the area where the bread is it might be about 6 days to a week and 2 daystigers

Will be depending on the best before date on the packet..once that date has been met the bread will then start to grow mold..

I guess it will depend on the weather... if it's hot and humid it will probably mold faster than it would in cooler days... ;)

It depends on the condiditons that the bread is in. After 3 to 4 weeks, mold will begin to grow. If the bread is kept in a dark, damp, or moldy areas, then mold will begin to grow from days to a week.

it is a type of fungus that you can find on bread when it is left outside for a few days. Mold spreads via spores.

No it will not grow after 2 days

== == which kind of bread grow mold the fastest which type of bread mold faster I would say wheat bread, Because it's nasty and weak. The mold will come less than 4 or 5 days.

mold grows quickly on bread because bread has many ingredients that causes mold to form such as white bread has yeast which causes mold to form quicker than mold may form on others. some times trying to answer a question like DOES MOLD FORM ON WHITE BREAD OR WHEAT BREAD QUICKER your answer would be white bread because 1)white bread is less healthier than wheat and 2) white bread has yeast which again causes mold to form quicker. mold grows on white bread between 3-6 days and mold forms on wheat bread between 1-3 weeks.

Bread will develop mold within a few days if there are no anti-mold preservatives added; commercially sold bread (what you get in a grocery store) will typically not develop mold for 2-3 weeks when left at room temperature.

I think Penicillium mold grows faster than bread mold!!!!!! Actually bread mold is just a general term. There any many species of mold that grow on bread, penicillium being one of them. Mold grows well in moist, warm, dark places.

No. Bread mold grows on bread, hence the name.

You don't. Mold takes a few days to visibly grow.

oat bread will take at the most 2 more days then the white bread. so it will be that 2 days before the white bread will form.

You can grow it by pouring water on a piece of bread. Then stick the piece of bread in a tupperware container for a few days. Then you should have bread mold. Hope this helps

Mold begins to grow on the bread. My sister had cereal for a week and 2 days and when the cereal was out she was gonna have a sandwich when she saw mold on her bread. I felt SICK!

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