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How many different calendar systems are used in the world?

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System of Calendars *1) LuniSolar Calendars *2) Lunar Calendars *3) Solar Calendars List of Calendars *1) Anno Domini Christian Era *2) Aztec Calendar *3) Babylonian Calendar *4) Bah

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How is the Aztec calendar different from the modern calendar?

The Aztec calendar is different from the modern calendar in many ways. Many have seen the iconic image of the circular Aztec calendar; this illustrates that the Aztecs viewed time as cyclical rather than linear. The Aztec calendar is also made up of two systems that can work independently or coherently. Mythology is also deeply integrated into the Aztec calendar, incorporating the all-important equilibrium of the spiritual and natural world.

Are calendar months the same across the world?

No. Some countries use different calendars. So for example you have a Hebrew calendar, a Chinese calendar, an Islamic calendar, a Hindu calendar and many others. For those that use the Gregorian calendar, the months are the same around the world.

How many different calendar do you need?

It depends on what you are doing. There are many types of calendar

What type of calendar is used worldwide?

There are many types of calendar used around the world due to different countries and cultures. For some it is even a completely different year than on other calendars.

Why is the Chinese calendar different to ours?

You did not identify which calendar you mean by "ours", which in itself kind of answers your question. Around the world there are many different calendars being used, based on things like culture or religion. In terms of duration, some are based on the sun and some on the moon and some combining the two. So your calendar, be it the Islamic or Jewish or Gregorian or Bengali or one of the many others used, would be different to the Chinese calendar and all of the other ones.

Where can one find a guide on how to make a calendar?

There are many online websites which offer templates and guides for creating a calendar. Microsoft Word has many different calendar templates one can choose.

Where can one obtain a blank calendar template?

Blank calendar templates can be found in many different places on the internet. Calendar Labs, Win Calendar, and Microsoft Office all have these templates.

Who invent the calendar?

There are many different calendars invented by different cultures to suit their needs

How many subways systems are there in the world?

There are at least 36 subway systems in the world today.

How many days does a calendar have?

It depends on the year, if it is a leap year it will have 366 days, if it isn't it will have 365 days. ____________________ This also depends on the culture. The Gregorian, or "civil" calendar, has 365 days or 366 in leap years. The Hebrew calendar is different, and the Islamic calendar is different from that.

Is there only one calendar used in the whole world?

No there are many

Why 2012 year world end?

The Mayan calendar ends on the year 2012. Although the calendar does not say the world will ind in 2012 many people believe the calendar ends that year because the Mayans predicted the world would end that year.

Are there free calendar templates available for downloading?

Yes, there are free calendar templates available for downloading. One would have to look around for one that would suit their needs, as there are many different ones from many different sites.

How does the digestive system connect to the other systems in the body?

It conects to many many other systems in different ways

What are the different weather system in Philippines?

There are many different weather systems in the Philippines. Some systems include monsoons, typhoons, tropical systems, dry, and wet seasons.

What is the difference between a lunar calendar and a Gregorian?

A lunar calendar is based on the movements of the Moon. It is a general description of a type of calendar. There are many lunar calendars. The Gregorian Calendar is one particular calendar. It was established by Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in 1582. It is the calendar that much of the world now uses.

How many kilogram in a mi?

they are different measuring systems

How many pulses of current in one second?

Different countries have different systems.

How many systems of government are there in the world?


What is the importance of the body systems?

The body systems allow to the body to have many different functions within a single unit or body. Each system has a function unique to all of the other systems, allowing these many different functions.

What is a calendar month in legal terms?

A calendar month in legal terms is around 30 days. This is important to have a standard month for many different types of law.

Most democracies around the world have how many party systems?

multi-party systems

Where can one download a yearly calendar?

Microsoft Word has templates one can download to create a yearly calendar. As well one can download various calendars at Calendar Lab. They have many different styles one can choose from.

Where can a printable monthly calendar be found?

One can find a printable monthly calendar in many different places. If one prefers the comfort of being at home, some good web pages are Calendar Labs and Printfree,

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