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There are 140 species of land snakes in Australia, and a further 32 sea snake species. There are five families of snakes found in Australia. four of these families occur on land. And several species of sea-snakes.

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Q: How many different snakes are there in Australia?
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How many different types of Australian snakes are there?

Australia has approximately 100 venomous snakes, 12 which are deadly to man.

How many spices of snakes are there in Australia?

there are approximately 172 species of snakes in Australia

How many snakes are dangerous in Australia?

Of the 140 species of land snakes in Australia, 100 species are venomous.

How many native snakes are there in Australia?

Australia has around 140 species of native land snakes, and another 32 sea snakes. There are about 100 species of venomous snakes.

How many families of snake are in Australia?

There are about 160 species of snakes in Australia

How did snakes get to Australia?

Snakes have always been in Australia.

What snakes are poisonous in Perth Australia?

Brown snakes are some of the the most deadly snakes in Australia.

Are there rattle snakes in Australia?

Outside of a zoo, there are no Rattle snakes in Australia.

What country is known for charming snakes?

Australia is known for its charming snakes. You find the most poisonous snakes in Australia and also the largest number of different Poisonus snakes here. Very charming. This was perhaps not what you meant. :-) Answer: The snake charmers are associated with India.

How many spices of green tree snakes?

17,in Australia

How many land snakes in Australia?

There are 140 species of land snakes in Australia, and a further 32 sea snake species. (incase you want to know that later) ;)estimate number of snakes in Western Australia per square kl

What is the animal life in sydney Australia?

There are many animals found in and around Sydney Australia including spiders, kangaroos, sharks, jellyfish, snakes, octopus, many different birds, and all sorts of insects.

How many snakes are produced by 1 snake?

Well there are many different snakes in the world so some snakes can have 100 or over a 100 like pythons.Different snakes have a different number of eggs.

How many snakes live in one square km in Western Australia?

You can not tell because there is no exact number all can be different so there is not really an answer

Do snakes fly in Australia?

No, Flying snakes are found in South Asia and Indonesia but not in Australia.

How are snakes and dogs different?

Dogs are mammals and snakes are reptiles they differ in many many many ways

How many of the deadliest snakes in the world are found in Australia?

7 out of 10

Can snakes climb trees-?

Depending on the type, but many can in Australia and Africa.

What time of day do snakes come out?

Different snakes come out at different time. Many snakes come out at night. For example, in Australia, many of the most poisonous snakes come out at night. But there are also snakes who come out in the day for example certain rattle snakes come out in the day to search for prey. Snakes are cold-blooded and depend on the temperature of their surroundings. If it is too hot, such as in deserts, they are more likely to be out in evenings and night. In other more temperate areas they are more likely to be out with the sun.

How many different types of snakes there are?

There are exztly 2,400 types of snakes in the world.

Are rat snakes and corn snakes the same?

Well, yes! Corn Snakes are a specie of rat snake so there is no way thy can be different. They are also many different types of rat snakes and many different types of corn snakes but that's a different matter. So the final answer is that they are the same for corn snakes are a specie of rat snake.

Do the snakes in Australia not possess fangs?

There are many species of snake in Australia. Some have fangs and some don't.

How Do Snakes Comuicate?

Many different ways

Does Australia like snakes?

Australia has a very large variety of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

Do snakes eat magpies?

Depends on the snake. Snakes in North America don't eat magpies, but that may be a different story with the magpies that live in Australia.