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You can go to this website to see some of the different types of sea salt: can also go to this article to learn a little more about sea salt:

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Q: How many different types of salt are there?
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Are there many different types of salt in sea water?

There are a few different types of salt in salt water, though the salinity of the oceans differ in different locations because the salt comes fromdifferent locations and from the currents moving in the water that carry it.

What different types of salt is there?

up to 16

What are three types of crystal?

the different types of crystal are sugar salt and rock.

How many teaspoons of salt does it take to float an egg in two different types of liquids water soda?


Is sulfur hazardous?

there are many different types of sulphur, so it depends e.g. sea salt is a type of sulphur

What are 3 types of salt there is none?

Salt for human consumption is produced in three different forms: unrefined salt (such as sea salt), refined salt (table salt), and iodized salt.

What are the 4 different types of salts?

well there are lots of different salts incuding :table salt, sea salt, rock salt and i can't remember any others! sorry :) :(

Why are some dolphins fresh and salt?

There are different types of dolphins with different adaptations and habitats.Generally Dolphins are sea animals.But there are many types of fresh water dolphins too which have limitted geographical localisation like Gangetic dolphin.

There are many different types of paragraphs why are so many different types needed?

There are so many different types because they are all used for different purposes in different situations.

When is sea salt used?

sea salt is used In beauty products, food and many other things, but if you are asking when should you use sea salt? any time you feel like it. there is hundereds of different types from around the world that come in alot of different shades of color and tastes

How many walker crisps are there?

they are many different types like ready salted cheese and onion salt and vinger pickeld onion tomato ketup andbbQ are most of them

How are sand and salt different?

Sand is made up of silicon dioxide and (table)salt is made up of sodium chloride. There are many types of salt (eg. potassium flouride, magnesium chloride), but they are mainly formed when a metal reacts with a halogen.