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That answer is going to depend on the picture quality or compression you select. I suggest searching online for manufacturer's specs on the camera in question. The manufacturer will often provide a table that shows the number of files for different settings. If you're not shooting in RAW or TIF mode, the MB used per shot and shots per card will vary somewhat according to image detail and sometimes the ISO setting as well. So what you get will be a guideline.

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How many pictures can a 512MB memory card hold in a 7.2 mega pixel digital camera?

2570 photos

If you take the memory card out of a digital camera will there still be pictures on the camera?

No. The photos are saved to the memory card, so if you remove the card, there are no photos in the camera.

What is a digital camera flash card used for?

To store photos and videos.

How many pictures can a 512MB memory card hold in a 6.0 mega pixels digital camera?

See link.

Can people use a SD card to take photos?

If it is a digital camera that utilises an SD card

How many pictures can a 512MB memory card hold in a 7.1 mega pixel digital camera?

Approximately 70. Remember that on a 512MB card (or any card, for that matter), not all the space is usable, as some is used for formating.

How many pictures can a 512mb memory card hold in a 4 mega pixel digital camera?

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How do you retrieve photos from your digital camera card?

Use a card reader with your computer. Or go to Whalgreens and print them out.

What is the card called that goes in a digital camera to store photos?

Depends on the camera manufacturer. SD card, xD card Memory Stick Pro to name a few.

How do you upload photos from digital camera to computer without a memory card?

Use the plug that came with it

How can photos be save on a memory card without seeing them on the camera?

As soon as you take a photo with a digital camera it is on the memory card. You may never see it if you don't view it on the camera or download it to your computer. If you don't erase the memory cardthe photos will remain on it.

How do you get photos off your digital camera?

Depending on your computer, you can either use a USB cord, which comes with most digital cameras, or your memory card.

Is it possible to transfer pictures from a computer to a digital camera?

You can transfer them from a computer to the camera's digital media (whatever kind of card it uses) but the pictures will not have the same information as photos taken by the camera.

I have a Kodak digital camera. How many photos can a 256mb sd card hold?

That depends on the resolutions of the photos (Megapixels) of your camera. Assuming its 3.2mp, a photo should be around 1mb, hence you can store 256 photos.

how do you print photos from a digital camera?

There are many ways to print digital photos. Most cameras saved taken-pictures to a memory card. You can then take that memory card to a store and have them print it or, if you own a printer, you can plug your memory card into it and print from there. Some cameras & printers allow for wireless printing and all you have to do is prompt your camera/printer to do so.

How many photos can a digital camera take?

It depends on the size and resolution of the images, as well as the storage capacity of the memory card.

How do you upload photos from digital camera to computer without a usb wire?

By using a card reader would be one way.

How can you load photos from your computer to your digital camera Canon Powershot A550?

First of all you must have your camera card in a card reader attached to your computer. Then go to the folder where to photos are and select the ones you want to send and select send to: Select the drive where the card reader is plugged into and SEND.

How does a Digital camera take a picture?

Instead of the photos being on film, they are saved onto a memory card. This allows you to remove the card, print the photos you want, and re-use the card as much as you want. Just be sure to not delete any photos that you want to keep on the memory card.

What is the fuji s9000 sandisk compact flash card used for?

The Fuji s9000 Sandisk compact fash card is used to store digital photos that are taken on a Fuji camera. A person can then insert the card to load photos to their computer.

What is the fastest way to trasnsfer digital photos from a camera to a computer?

In my opinion putting the memory card directly in the computer works the best.

How do you move photos from memory card to flash drive?

You hook up your digital camera to the computer using a USB cable. You save the pictures on your camera to the computer. Then you unplug the digital camera and plug in your flash drive. You then save the pictures to the flash drive.

What is the xD cardused for in my digital camera?

The xD card in your digital camera is a memory card. When you take pictures with the camera, the images are stored on the xD card so that you can access them later.

What kind of camera is Canon EOS 40D?

The Canon EOS 40D is professional camera used to take high definition digital photos with a lens mechanism manufactured in Japan. It is able to store these photos on a SD card.

How do you transfer photos from a Mac computer to a camera card?

A "camera card" (SD card, CompactFlash card, XD card, etc.) is recognized by Mac OS X as a removable drive, just like a hard drive or USB flash drive. In order to transfer photos to a connected camera card, you just need to drag the desired photos onto the card in the Finder. If the photos are in iPhoto, select the photos and export them to the desktop, then drag them to the camera card. Alternatively, you could save a step and export them directly to the camera card.