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It depends on the quality you have the camera set at. At the Super Fine setting, each photo will be around 2mb. It comes with 16mb of storage, so you can take around 8 photos. Go down in photo quality and it will hold more. You can go to the Canon official site to get the full specifications.

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Q: How many digital pictures will a Powershot S2-IS digital camera hold?
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How many megapixels does a Cannon Powershot S3 digital camera have?

The Cannon Powershot S3 digital camera has 6 megapixels to take pictures with. However, what this camera lacks in megapixels, it makes up in its various features including 12X zoom.

What are the features of a Canon Powershot a630 digital camera?

Canon is a large global camera and technology company that sells the Powershot a630 digital camera. The main features of this camera are auto flash and x4 optical zoom.

How can you download pictures from your powershot A40 to your computer?

It's very easy to download pictures from your powershot A40 to your computer. Just enter digital camera memory via canon software, copy the images and paste on your hard drive.

Can a canon powerShot A2200 digital camera work as a webcam?


What features does the Canon PowerShot digital camera have?

There are various models of the Canon PowerShot digital camera. Each have distinct features. More information about the individual models can be found on the official website.

Best digital camera?

One really great digital camera is the Cannon PowerShot. The PowerShot has a 14.1 megapixel, and produces images that are so life-like that you feel like you are there in the moment.

Are there lens for the Canon Powershot A1100IS?

No, the Canon Powershot A1100IS is a point and click digital camera which means you only use the lens that is built into the camera.

What type of camera is a Canon PowerShot?

The type of camera that the Canon PowerShot is, is point and shoot as opposed to SLR. It is a digital camera meant for general consumers. It is aimed for non-professional camera users.

What are the newest Canon Powershot cameras?

Newest Canon Powershot CameraThe newest Canon Powershot camera is The canon powershot sd3500is

Where can one buy a Canon Powershot S3 IS?

The Canon Powershot S3 IS camera is a very highly rated digital camera. One will find this camera available for purchase from sites such as Amazon and eBay.

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of course, it is really wonderful digital camera COOL DIGICAM

What is the power time autonomy of the Canon PowerShot S90 digital camera?

The power time autonomy of the Canon PowerShot S90 digital camera is about 4 seconds. It gives you full control of the functions and what one wants to shoot.

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There are many different websites that offer reviews of the Sony PowerShot S200 digital camera. Some great sources of reviews include Amazon and CNET Reviews.

Is a Canon powershot a good camera?

Yes, a Canon Powershot camera would be a good starter camera if you are just learning how to take great pictures. It has high mega pixels and a zoom for better shots.

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There are a number of camera review websites online who have reviewed the Canon Powershot G7. These include Digital Photography Review and Camera Labs.

How much is a Canon digital camera?

The price of a Canon digital camera depends on the model. The new one that seems to be the cheapest, which would be the Powershot SX120 IS is 229 dollars.

Which digital camera is better Kodak easyshare c913 9.2mp digital camera or Kodak easyshare c813 8.2 mp digital camera?

the = Canon PowerShot G10 IS 14.7MP Digital Camera = = find = it at this link. copy and paste. wont let me hyperlink it

Which digital camera will be the next Powershot?

CANON A1000, Canon A2000, Canon SX110 and E1

What digital camera comes with the most color choices?

The PowerShot SD1200-IS has many color choices.

Where can one get reviews of Canon digital camera powershot?

One can get detailed and well-written reviews of the "Canon Digital Powershot" camera on the website cnet dot com. Alternatively, one can find user reviews of this product on the website amazon dot com.

What type of item is a canon powershot s5?

A Canon Powershot S5 is a type of digital camera. This camera comes loaded with features including an 8.0 megapixel resolution and multiple USB and power inputs.

What is the easiest digital camera for a person who just wants to point and click?

According to a survey, the Canon PowerShot SD1200 is the easiest digital camera in terms of point-and-click capabilities.

What did the digital camera do?

It took pictures.

Best digital camera for under 200.00?

The Canon Powershot line is a great camera and priced very reasonably. You can find them in stores locally or online. Shop around and you will be very happy with the price you find. Most under $200. Lot's of useful features and very easy to navigate. The Powershot takes great pictures