How many digital pictures will a Powershot S2-IS digital camera hold?

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Powershot S2 Number of Pictures It depends on the quality you have the camera set at. At the Super Fine setting, each photo will be around 2mb. It comes with 16mb of storage, so you can take around 8 photos. Go down in photo quality and it will hold more. You can go to the Canon official site to get the full specifications.
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How many pictures can a 256MB memory stick pro duo hold in a 5 mega pixel digital camera?

The number of photos that can be held depends entirely upon what quality you wish to shoot the pictures at. A 5 megapixel camera, at maximum resolution, probably won't hold many photos. (25-30). As the resolution increases, the number of photos that can be held decreases exponentially. At a lower q ( Full Answer )

Is a 4.0MP canon powershot digital camera very good?

The short answer is "yes.". A few years ago I bought my wife a Canon PowerShot A520, a 4 mp camera with a 4x optical zoom. It still takes excellent photographs.. The newer Canon powershots have optical image stabilization (IS) that minimizes camera shake. I believe IS is even more important than a ( Full Answer )

How do digital cameras take pictures? press a certain button which is place fixed on the top of the camera and then you press that button and magically takes a picture for you

How does a Digital camera take a picture?

Instead of the photos being on film, they are saved onto a memory card. This allows you to remove the card, print the photos you want, and re-use the card as much as you want. Just be sure to not delete any photos that you want to keep on the memory card.

How many pictures does 2gb hold in 8.1 mega pixel digital camera?

The capacity of a card indicates the maximum amount of data that can be stored (less some space for the card's own use). Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resolution of the camera's sensor -- its ability to record detail. The number of images that can be recorded on a card of a given siz ( Full Answer )

How many pictures can a 512MB memory card hold in a 14 maga pixel digital camera?

The capacity of a card indicates the maximum amount of data that can be stored (less some space for the card's own use). Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resolution of the camera's sensor -- its ability to record detail. The number of images that can be recorded on a card of a given siz ( Full Answer )

How many pictures will a 2GB memory card in a 10 mega pixel digital camera hold?

there will be some variation but around 140 raw images. Just to give some idea of the fairly huge amount of variation as mentioned above, I happen to own a 10 mp Nikon P5000 with an empty 2 gb SD card. This particular camera does not have RAW capability (I wish it did), but it does offer three di ( Full Answer )

How do you print pictures from digital cameras?

1. To transfer images from your camera to your computer, power down your camera, connect it to your PC via a USB cable, and turn on your camera. If you are working with a Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC, turning on the connected camera should engage the AutoPlay wizard. 2. To start copying your images ( Full Answer )

How do you get more pictures on your digital camera?

Reduce the mega-pixels (mp) - the size of the pictures. Unless you are planning to crop most of your picture, any thing bigger than 3 mega pixels is bigger than the screen of your computer. The smaller the picture you shoot, the more pictures you get. Click on! eD

How are pictures on a Digital camera printed?

You will need a USB cable. If you bought your camera brand new check the box. This is a small cable with two connectors at the end. Plug this into the USB port, this is either at the back or side of you laptop or if using a computer on the tower. Go to 'Control Panel' which is either on your desktop ( Full Answer )

Downloading pictures from a digital camera?

Do you mean to transfer pictures from a digital camera to a computer ? Just connect the camera through an USB connector. If you haven't the digital camera program already installed, just connect the camera through the USB plug to your computer, and wait for the operating system to detect the new h ( Full Answer )

How many pictures can a digital camera hold?

Although your camera manual should give you a rough idea of how many pictures your camera can hold, and there are plenty of websites to help with this if you're shopping for a particular camera, it really depending on a few things : 1. Are we talking internal memory? If so that is one factor. Som ( Full Answer )

In 30MB how many pictures can you have on your digital camera?

Depends what camera you have, and what you have the camera set to. Shooting in RAW on my camera, each photo is between 20 and 25MB. Shooting in JPEG you would be able to take a lot more. In small mode on my camera a photo will be about 1 MB. You be best off buying a much bigger memory card, maybe 2 ( Full Answer )

Why can't a digital camera hold pictures without a memory card?

The memory card is what the digital files are stored on. If you have no memory card in your camera there is nowhere for the camera to store the files. It is like not putting a film in a film camera or trying to burn a CD with no CD inserted to the drive. No Some digital cameras have internal memor ( Full Answer )

How do you get a clean picture on a digital camera?

The best way to get a clean picture is to get anything fuzzy that you see in the camera's screen away from the lens .Then wait a couple of seconds and the screen shall be crystal clear!. this worked for me . but it may not work for evryone . sometimes the camera is in the wrong setting, also, w ( Full Answer )

How many picture can a Sony digital camera hold?

A Sony digital camera can hold a variety of images. Most cameras can only hold a handful of cameras without inserting a memory stick. The number of pictures it can hold depends on the resolutions of the picture.

How many pictures do most digital photo frames hold?

The amount of photos that a digital photo frame can hold depends upon the size of its memory card as well as the resolution of the photos. A professional grade photo is often somewhere around 3 megabytes, with lesser quality photos ranging down to only a fraction of that. The majority of digital ph ( Full Answer )

How many pictures can a Kodak digital frame hold?

Digital frames' storage varies according to model. An average Kodak digital frame such as the Easyshare P725 costs around $80 and holds 4000 photos. Frames can be purchased that hold more or less according to desire and budget.

Where can one purchase powershot digital cameras?

Cannon's PowerShot digital cameras are widely available in stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, and Target. These cameras can also be purchased online from sites like Buy Dig, Amazon, and B&H Photo-Video.

Where does digital camera store its picture?

In a magical dimension found within the database of the cameraunknown to regular humans. Only programmers can see it and othersources of technology