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Q: How many double bonds in saturated fat acid?
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How many double bonds do saturated fatty acids have?

There may be one double bond or many, up to six in important fatty acids.

How many double bonds are present in arachidonic acid?

there are 4 double bonds in arachnoid acid..thanks..

What fatty acids do not have double bonds beween carbons?

If there are no double bonds, then carbon will take up as many hydrogens as it can, two (three on the ends). Because there are more hydrogens bonded, they are referred to as "saturated" lipids. Unsaturated lipids have double bonds between the carbons and hydrogens. When there is a double bond, one carbon only bonds with one hydrogen - "unsaturated" lipids. The double bonds cause "kinks" in the fatty acid tails, so it is more difficult to "pack" them together. For this reason, they do not solidify at room temperature. However, saturated lipids may solidify at room temperature -- this is how you distinguish between saturated and unsaturated lipids by sight. Examples of saturated lipids (having no double bonds between carbons and hydrogens) are animal fats. "Saturated fats" is a synonym for animal fat on nutritional labels.

How many covalent bonds does Salicylic Acid have?

12 single bonds, 4 double bonds

Why do saturated fatty acids have structures while unsaturated fatty acids have bent structures?

Because unsaturated fatty acids have many double bonds and the atoms cannot rotate freely around those double bonds. In the saturated fatty acids, there are no double bonds (only single bonds) and so the atoms are free to rotate.

How are unsaturated and saturated hydrocarbon different?

Saturated hydrocarbon cannot bond with compounds anymore, where as unsaturated hydrocarbons can bond, as they contain double or triple bonds. When they bond, the double and triple bonds break and new separate single bonds are formed with hydrogens or any other external compounds.

How many double bonds does a saturated fat have?

saturated lipids and fatty acids have only single bonds, in order for it to be an unsaturated lipid or fatty acid, there must be at least one double bond present. MY ANSWER:--- Dear sir, I am a class 10 student and believe that your question only is not legitimate.How can a saturated compounds have a double bond.However,fats and oils have double bonds.(Unsaturated) Here is a link I found on the net.It will help you understand better!! Search for oleic acid. (Please rectify if I am wrong..I would like to understand Organic Chemistry as much as possible)

A fat is called what if all the fatty acid chains are single bonded to two other carbons and two hydrogens?

If a fatty acid has a completely single-bonded carbon chain with as many hydrogen atoms as possible bound to the chain, it is refered to as a "saturated" fat. It is literally saturated with hydrogen atoms. If the chain has one or more double bonds, those double bonds reduce the number of hydrogen atoms, and so that is an "unsaturated" fat.

How many pi bonds are present in acetylsalicylic acid?

Every double bond has one pi bond and one sigma bond. There are five double bonds in acetylsalicylic acid, so there are five pi bonds.

Do saturated fatty acids have the maximum number of hydrogen atoms?

It depends on the length of the fatty acid chain. A fatty acid that has the maximum number of hydrogen atoms is saturated. The maximum number of hydrogen atoms will occur when the carbon atoms are all single-bonded to one another (no double bonds).

A fat with no carbon-carbon double bonds that is usually solid at room temperature is said to be a?

Saturated fat. Double bonds = unsaturated One double carbon-carbon bond would be monounsaturated. Many double carbon-carbon bonds would be polyunsaturated.

Do saturated fatty acids have a higher ratio of hydrogen to carbon than do unsaturated fatty acids?

Saturated means that a chemical compound has as many Hydrogens on each Carbon that "it can handle". Unsaturated means that there are places containing double bonds, triple bonds, etc., between the carbons resulting in the compound having less Hydrogens as it could have maximally. Usually all fatty acids have 1 or 2 degrees of unsaturation in their long carbon tails, usually in the form of double bonds.