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How many earth hours does Saturn have?


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A "day" on Saturn is between 10 and 11 Earth hours long (from 10 hours 14 minutes to 10 hours 39 minutes, with the average 10 hours 32 minutes). Saturn's rotational speed is based on the atmosphere and varies by latitude, being fastest at the equator.


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it is 10.66 hours on earth that equal one day on Saturn

One day on Saturn is roughly 10-11 earth hours

A day on Saturn is about 11 hours on Earth.

The period of rotation of Saturn is 1 Saturn day. Measured in comparision to Earth, Saturn rotates about once every 10 Earth hours, so you could say that Saturn rotates 2.4 times an Earth day.

A day on Saturn lasts 10.6 hours, while a day on Earth lasts about 24 hours. So a Day on Saturn is 44.4% as long as an Earth day.

We generally do not know "why" many things are the way that they are. Saturn rotates once in about 10 hours. We don't know why. It just IS.

An hour is still an hour - so one. But a "day" on Saturn is 10 hours and 16 minutes long.

The sidereal rotational period of Saturn (1 Saturn day) is 10 hours 45 minutes and 45 seconds which is about 0.4484375 Earth days.The orbital period of Saturn is 29.4571 Earth years or 10,759.22 Earth days (24,491.07 Saturn days).

Latest estimates put the figure at 10 hours, 32 minutes

It would be short, Saturn only goes for 9 hours, earth has 24 hours

In 24 hours, or one earth day, Saturn would have rotated 2 ¼ times.

765 earth fit in saturn

No. Saturn rotates about its axis once in 10.67 hours (about 10 hours and 39 minutes), whereas it takes Earth 23.9 hours to rotate about its axis.

one day on saturn in earth days is 10 hours and 37 minutes

Its rotation is about 10 and a half hours, if that's what you mean.

A year on Saturn lasts about 10,759 Earth days (29.46 Earth years). Using the average length of a "day" on Saturn of 10 hours, 34 minutes (time for rotation outside the equatorial zone), this is about 24,491 Saturn days.

Earth can fit into Saturn 1,205 times.

Earth can fit in to Saturn 9.40 times.

the length of a day on Saturn is ten earth hours and thirty six minutes.

Jupiter 9.84 Earth hoursSaturn 10.2 Earth hoursUranus 17.9 Earth hoursNeptune 19.1 Earth hoursEarth 24 hoursMars 24.6 Earth hoursMercury 58.7 Earth daysVenus 243 Earth days

It takes 10 earth hours and 14 earth minutes for Saturn to make a full rotation.

It takes Saturn about 10.7 Earth hours to make one full rotation around its axis.

They both have moons. Saturn has many more than Earth, but they do both have them.

From Earth to Saturn its approximately 170,000,000 miles away.

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