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How many elected government officials are in the US?

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What government officials are appointed and not elected by the US citizens?


Which government officials is appointed not elected by US cittizens?


Which branch of the US federal government has no elected officials?

The Judicial branch

How do the people in the legislative branch get their job?

In the US and in many democratic nations, the officials within a legislative branch of government are normally elected by the people they serve.

Who pickes the US government?

Some positions are elected, some are appointed by elected officials, some are drafted into service in times of war.

Which of these US officials is elected?


Which government official is appointed and not elected by the US citizen?

There is a vast body of government officials known as the civil service, whose members are appointed rather than elected. Judges are appointed, rather than elected.

How many federal state and local officials are elected in the US?

12 years

What branch of the government are the members elected rather than appointed?

In the US, officials that are elected by the people are the US presidency, senators and Representatives. The US Supreme Court has its members nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate.

What impact do the mass media have on politics and government in the US?

The mass media influences politics and the government. They also form a link between the people and elected officials.

Is the US government a republic?

No. The U.S. (United States of America) is not a republic. It is a democracy. A democracy is a system where the officials are elected by the people of the country.

What do elected officials sometimes do to test public reaction to an idea or policy?

They take money for lobbyists. Big business rules our government. Even though our tax dollars go to the "elected officials", they really could care less about us.

What are your government officials in the US government?


How is the Chinese government different from the US government?

China's government is communist and doesn't allow its citizens to vote. Officials in China are directly elected by the National People's Congress. The US is a democracy and allows its citizens to vote in elections.

What is an example of representative government?

Virtually all democracies in the world are examples of representative governments. One specific representative government is the US. There, elected officials represent the opinions of the public.

Who are the elected White House officials?

The only elected members of the executive branch of the US government are the president and the vice-president. The cabinet and the white house staff are all appointed by the president, with confirmation by the Senate.

Which two houses are elected directly?

In the US both houses of Congress are elected directly, as are all state offices. In fact, the US President and the Vice-President are the elected officials that are not directly elected.

Nearly all elected officials in the US are selected by?

single-member districts

Which US government branch can impeach federal officials?

The US government branch that can impeach federal officials is the Senate. Impeachment means removal from a public office.

What are the only two government officials to be elected by the whole country?

If you are talking about the US government, this would be the President and Vice President ACTUALLY ITS CONGRESS I JUST TOOK MY TEST ONLINE FOR SCHOOL AND ITS CONGRESS...... YEA

Officials of the us government may not accept a gift or position with a foreign government without whose consent-?

Officials of the US government may not accept a gift or position with a foreign government without the consent of the Congress.

People who deal with the devil?

US government officials

Did the constitution create a republican form of government?

Yes, it created a republic. It's one in which we have elected officials who are meant to do our will, to represent us. In a pure democracy everyone votes on everything.

Who controls the city of New York?

The US city of New York is controlled by elected officials, elected by citizens eligible to vote. The people of New York City control it by voting for officials. Appointees by its mayor will be among many things that determine if the mayor can be reelected.

What proportion of elected officials in the US represents single-member districts?

most officials, across local, state, and federal level