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Q: How many elective courses does a college student typically have to take to ern a bachelor's degree A.6 B.15 C.18 D.2?
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Do college elective courses ever expire?

Yes the college elective courses usually expire after one academic year.

What is post secondary courses?

Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.

You have 120 college points how much of that is transferable to get your bachelors?

It depends on the courses taken, where you took the courses, the grades received in those courses, whether the completed courses are applicable to your chosen program of study, etc. Typically, a bachelors degree requires the completion of 124 to 128 credits in specified areas at specified levels. It not just the amount of credits that gets you the degree.

Does a two year associate's degree count toward a bachelor's degree?

Yes, you can. I am doing this now. I just finished my Associates Friday and have enrolled for my Bachelors yesterday with Virginia College Online. My credits did not need to transfer because I am at the same institution.

What college courses are required to become a military pilot?

Actually you join the air force as an officer, so you need a bachelors degree which takes four years, so if u wanted to be an officer then you would need to go to college and get a bachelors degree, idk exactly what courses but that's what you need to be a pilot.

What is the highest grade possible in college courses?

typically it is a grade of A (4.0)

What are the relevance of elective courses in undergraduate schools?


Is it more difficult to start from scratch and get your bachelors online in business than to get your associates first then get your bachelors In other words which makes more sense bachelors from h.s.?

If your goal is to get a BA in Business, and you don't want to go to a 4 year college at first, then you could go to a community college for your basic courses. However, make absolutely sure that the community college is accredited and that the 4 year college will accept the credits you earn toward your degree. While in high school, don't overlook the AP courses available for the basic courses (ie. English, math, language) that will provide some college credit. Online college is not only more expensive, but you don't make the personal connections that will serve you well later. It takes a lot of discipline to manage to finish online courses.

How a nurse can get psychologist degree?

Search for a psychology shool, and enter it. It will depend on what degree the nurse has. A bachelors of science in nursing usually requires some psychology courses and a number of general education courses. After completing my bachelors of nursing, I would only have to take two semesters of college to receive a bachelors of psychology. Then another 2 years for a masters or 3-5 for a PhD.

Transferring a certificate course into bachelors?

It is possible provided the courses taken within the certificate program where taken for college credit at a school with the appropriate accreditation, and those courses fit into the major at the bachelor's level.

Where can ISEB certification be obtained?

An ISEB certification can be obtained from a university by taking a Bachelors course in information systems or from a college that offers Bachelor degree courses.

What college math courses to become a nurse?

At the bachelor's level, it is typically a college algebra and most likely a statistics course.