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A Majority(note that this is more than 1/2 of the electors, if someone gets more votes than anyone else(a pluality) but does not get a majority they don't win(this was a big issue in the 19th century))

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Electoral votes in the Electoral College determine the President of the United States. 270 electoral votes in the U.S. Electoral College are needed to win the U.S. presidency. Each state has electoral votes equal to the total of the 2 representative the state has in the U.S. Senate plus the number of representative the state has in the House of Representatives. Since every state has two senators and at least one representative to the House, every state has at least 3 electoral votes. The District of Columbia gets 3 electoral votes. Therefore, the total number of electoral votes is 538 - 100 (senators) + 435 (representatives) + 3 (for DC). A majority is 270 - one more than half of the total number of 538.

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129,0854,000 voted in the last US presidential election.

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In the general election of 2012, there were 535 electors. They represent the 435 members of the US House of Representatives and the 100 United States senators.

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Obama won with 365 electoral votes ( McCain 173)

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Q: How many electors does it take to elect the president?
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When does the actuall casting of the ballot by te electors for president take place?

The 538 electors who are appointed based on the results of the November election elect the U.S. President and Vice President on the Monday after the second Wednesday of December. That's the first Monday after December 12.

Who is the US Vice-President elected by?

As a rule the Vice-president is elected by the same electors that elect the president. However, if a vacancy occurs in the office of vice-president. The president nominates a replacement who must be confirmed by both houses of Congress in order to take office.

How many cardinals does it take to elect the pope?

It takes 2/3 of the cardinal electors at the time to elect a pope. A cardinal elector is a cardinal under age 80.

Does the president elect or vise president elect take the oath first?

Vice President-elect Joseph Biden will be sworn in prior to President-elect Obama.

What if a president-elect or vp-elect befell tragedy prior to inauguration?

You would elect a new vp but if it were the president the vp would take his place.

When does the president elect take the presidential oath?

January 20th

Who is the president if the president elect takes oath past noon?

The Vice President would then take his place, until the number of votes needed to officially elect a new President is decided and reached.

What is the new president called until the inauguration?

The New president that gets electaed is called President Elect until they take office which is Jan. 20th. The President that was in office before the new president is called the Formor President. 20th am

Who becomes president if president-elect dies?

US Constitution, Amendment XX, Section 3. If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President....

When does the president elect take over?

At noon on January 20, 2009.

What will happen if the House of Representatives is forced to elect the President and their choice should die before assuming office?

Their choice of vice-president would take office as the new president if the president-elect should die.

What month and day are presidential elections held What is the rule for when they will be scheduled?

On the day after the first Monday of November of every fourth year including 2012 and 2016, the public elects the electors of the President and Vice President by voting for their choices for President and Vice President. Then on the Monday after the second Wednesday of December each state's electors meet together within their own state and record the votes that actually elect the President and Vice President. On the 6th of January, the Vice President, as President of the Senate, counts the votes in front of a joint session of congress and announces the winners, who then take office on January 20.