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How many feet long is a gas tanker semi truck?

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the length ot the truck depends on the length of the trator and the lengthof the trailer usually tho the tanker trailer is 48 feet, and a tractor is about 20 to 25 feet so average length is usually about 70 feet

2006-11-06 22:10:43
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How many feet wide is a gas tanker semi truck?

Eight feet.

How many feet long is a bobtail truck?

thirty feet

How many gallons of propane does a tanker truck hold?

There are many different sizes of tanker trucks, - could be anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons.

How many feet long is a straight truck?

Up to 45.

How many feet is a 18 wheeler truck long?

Typically, 60 to 80 feet.

How many gallons does a tanker truck hold?

there are many sizes, generally 2000 to 5000 gallons

How many feet long is a truck?

That's an 'open ended' question !

How many gallons of gas does a truck oil tanker carry?

An oil tanker would be carrying crude oil, not refined product. So the answer would be zero.

How many gallons of gas does a tanker truck hold?

Typically about 8800 gallons (33,300 liters)

How many gallons of liquid nitrogen does a refrigerated tanker truck hold?

6,500 to 7,000 gallons.

How many liters of gasoline will it take to fill a 9000 gallon gasoline tanker truck?

About 34,070 liters.

How many gallons does a hydrochloric acid tanker truck have?

about 5000 gallons to 200 gallons they are all different sizes

How many cubic feet in a 24 foot box truck?

10 foot truck-368 cubic feet 14 foot truck-669 cubic feet 17 foot truck-849 cubic feet 24 foot truck-1401 cubic feet 26 foot truck-1538 cubic feet

What kind of LEGO trucks are there available?

A variety of Lego trucks are available. Examples are: Construction Hauler, Mini Backhoe Loader, Fire Truck, Tanker Truck, Flatbed Truck, Cement Mixer, Garbage Truck and many more.

How many feet do you have to stay away from a truck?

50 feet

If a parking space is 20 feet long and a pickup truck is 6 yards long how many inches longer is the parking space?

Since the truck is 18 feet long (6 x 3=18), there would be 2 feet left in the parking space. Take those 2 feet and times that by 12 inches for each foot or 24 inches for both feet.

Shawna loads truck trailers One trailer can hold 5000 cubic feet of cargo The boxes Shawna needs to load in this truck are 5 feet tall 5 feet wide and 5 feet long How many boxes can she fit in t?

Forty boxes

How many gallons of number 2 diesel does a truck tanker hold?

7500 gallons due to the weight not the available volume in the tank.

A truck traveling 55 mph can stop in about how many feet feet?

200 feet

How many feet is the blind-spot behind a truck?

200 feet

How many feet wide is a truck trailer?


How many gallons of water does the tank of a truck hold?

The question is not very specific. There are many kinds of water tankers. A water tanker truck, of the largest 18 wheeler kind, can carry about 30 tons of water. Which is about 8000 gallons.

A truck traveling at 55 miles per hour will need how many feet to stop?

The truck needs 400 feet to stop

How many feet does it take to stop a two ton truck?

That depends on how fast the truck is traveling.

How many cubic feet can a cement truck hold?

That depends on what size the concrete truck is. A 10-yard truck carries about 270 cubic feet when full. An 8 cubic yard truck carries about 216 cubic feet of concrete. (Or gravel, sand, etc)