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How many felonies can you plea first offender?

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"First offender" literally means the person has committed one crime and only one crime regardless if it is a misdemeanor or a felony. That being the case, the answer is of course "once".

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Can a first time offender of a theft by taking charge plea nolo?

Only if the prosecutor or the court allow that option.

What is the age limit to plea youthful offender?

It is 21 in the state of Alabama

What does it mean to plea out?

Criminals commonly plea out or take a plea bargain to avoid trial. This allows the offender to be on house arrest or have lesser punishments, rather than jail or prison.

Can you plea youthful offender on a felony even if you have already plead youthful offender on a misdemeanor If so what is the age limit in Alabama?

A Defedant may be allowed to plead youthful offender in Alabama if the person is under the age of 21 at the time the criminal offense was committed. An adjudication of youthful offender is not a criminal conviction and will not appear on your history as such. Youthful offender files are confidential records. You may apply for youthful offender status in any case whether it be the smallest misdemeanor like a speeding ticket of the most heinous felonies such as murder. However, it is discretionary with the judge as to whether or not you are granted youthful offender status. I do not recall those with felonies such as murder being granted youthful offender status. You may apply for youthful offender status in a felony case although you were previously adjudicated a youthful offender in a prior misdemeanor case. However, as I mentioned, it is entirely up to the judge as to whether or not he allows you a subsequent adjudication as a youthful offender. Hope this helped.

Is nolo and 1st offender the same?

No, the two terms have nothing to do with one another. "Nolo" is court slang for the plea of "Nolo Contendre" which is a plea offered by a defendant when they don't wish to plead guilty, but acknowledge that the prosecution probably has enough evidence to convict them. The term "First Offender" refers to someone who has never been arrested before this time.

Can you plea youthful offender on a felony if you are twenty thre years old?

In some states, yes.

Can you plea youthful offender status on more than one felony charged as juvenile?

You. as an individual, do not "plea" a youthful offender status. That classification is given by the court after reviewing your case(s) and determining if your case(s) qualify to be adjudicated under that particular statute.

Can a first time offender of domestic violence and abduction plead guilty in the domestic violence case and have the abduction case dropped?

Only if you or your attorney can work out a plea deal with the prosecutor's office.

What happens if you are charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor?

Without knowing the types of offenses, or how serious they were, or your past record, it is impossible to say.However, it does sound like this might be a scenario for a plea bargain (IF the prosecutor offers one to you). They might drop one of the felonies and possibly the misdemeanor as well in exchange for your guilty plea to the other felony. It is impossible to know what might occur.

Can you plea youthful offender on a felony?

If a person under the age of 18 is accused of a felony, it is permissible to plead as a youthful offender in most jurisdictions. However, it is up to the judge to determine whether the accused will be charged as an adult or as a juvenile.

What happens on your first offense of stealing 300 from your job and I live in Kentucky and its my first offense?

In Florida, the threshold for felony grand theft is $300.00. Worse case scenario is a 5 year prison term and/or $1000 fine. If you are a first time offender, and you enter a plea of "no contest" in court, you can usually expect to get probation and restitution. If you are a prior offender however, you should already know what to expect.

How many syllables are there in the word plea?

Plea is one syllable.

When charged with 2 felony's what will happen to you in Louisiana?

TWO felonies! You're probably looking at some prison time, unless you can cop a plea to a lesser offense.

How many pages does Freedom. A Plea have?

Freedom. A Plea has 64 pages.

If you are charged with a felony you would make your plea at?

When you are arraigned (first appearance) you are given the oppportunity to enter your plea.

What is the punishment for 3 class d felonies?

Considering that each felony is, by definition, punishable by a minimum of at least one year in prison, you are looking at a minimum of at least 3 years in the joint.Odds are that you can probably plea bargain 3 of them down to one, by offering a guilty plea.

Your son has been charged with 3 counts of auto burglary in Mississippi Can these charges be reduced to misdemeanor charges?

If a plea deal is brought into the conversation prior to a trial. Either party can bring up the idea of a plea deal but it has to be reasonable and the person that committed the crime is not a habitual offender.

How do you get two 2ND degree theft felonies dropped to misdemeanor?

Typically through plea bargaining with the prosecutors, but it's also possible to be found guilty of only a lesser included offense.

A sentence with the word plea?

I plea for mercy but to no avail

How many syllables are there in plea?

There is one syllable.

What does plea mean?

what is plea

Is a plea of nolo contendere the same as a not guilty plea?

No, it is a guilty plea

What does it mean when someone enters their plea?

"Entering a plea" means the offiical declaration of your plea in the case in which you were charged (i.e.- 'enter' a plea of guilty - 'enter' a plea of not guilty).

What is conviction by plea?

A conviction by plea is where you plea "guilty" or "nolo contendre" (no contest) to a charge. The plea is treated as a conviction of that charge.

How do you use the word plea in a sentence?

The televised plea called for donations.The suspect entered a plea of not guilty.Please, hear my desperate plea.

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