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Q: How many homeless people live in the US?
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What is the ratio of the homeless people in US?

There are roughly 553,000 or 0.17% homeless people in US. They are the one who lives on streets and can go for many days without eating, bathing, etc. We have the right to help these people and give them new life to live.

How many homeless people in the US in 2009?

about 1.4 million homeless people across America

How many people in the US are homeless and hungry?

Worldwide, 1.3 billion people live on less than $1 US dollar per day

How many homeless people in the us a year?


How many people were homeless in the us in 1933?

It is estimated that 1.5 Americans were homeless in American in 1933

How many people from Kenya are in the us?

Well ill answer your question with a question. How many homeless people in the us like to jog?

How many homeless people die in the US in a year?

1.2 million

What percentage of people were homeless in the US in 1990?

1990 homeless men: what percentage was homeless men

Where do the most homeless live in the US?

streets in N.Y.C

How many people were homeless before world war 2?

In US about 1 million

Do people like homeless people?

Being around the homeless makes many people very uncomfortable in the same way that a person with Down Syndrom or cerebal palsy. People see the homeless as dirty degenerates. It's very hard to be clean with no place to live or get a haircut for lack of money. The sad truth is that any one of us could be in the same situation.

How many people in the US eat less than one meal a day?

mostly homeless people. the answer is 348,901

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