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I'm not exactly sure but if i were you i would go to it tells you the fastest route to go and the exact miles and also the appoximate time including the average on that route traffic.


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about 3-5 hours, depending on the traffic and where you start in vancouver, and how often you stop

The distance between Vancouver and Ashland is 964km and will take about 9 hours 39 Minutes to drive.

It takes about 44 hours long to drive from Ottawa, Canada to Vancouver, Canada. The actual distance by car is 4,815.7 km.

We are planning a trip to Canada - Can you please adivse me how long it will take me to drive from Jasper down to Vancouver please It took us about 9 hours from jasper to Vancouver

The nearest casinos are in Wendover, Nevada and Evanston, Wyoming. Wendover is 120 miles (a 2 hour drive), and Evanston is 80 miles (a 90 minute drive). Most go to Wendover, which has many more options and is known for its Vegas-style casinos with great buffets.

The drive from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico would take a minimum of 42 hours without stops. The drive stretches the entire west coast of the United States.

Olympia, Washington is approximately 201 miles away from Vancouver, Canada. The drive would take about 4 hours to complete by car.

The distance between Milwaukee, WI, and Vancouver, BC, Canada, is 2,126 miles and will take approximately 31 Hours of driving time.

A couple of hours on a plane, roughly an 18 hour drive

The driving distance from Banff, AB, Canada to Vancouver, BC, Canada is 845.2 miles. The average driving time is 9 hours 53 minutes.

Whistler is about a 2 hour drive north of Vancouver BC.

It is any were from 2,202-2,234 miles by car.

50000days TRUST ME! YOU DON'T WANT TO GO TO Vacouver

Vancouver is the largest city in the Province of British Columbia. It is located on the west coast of Canada, about an hour's drive north of the US border.

The drive from Peterborough, Ontario Canada to Vancouver, Washington would take approximately 1, day and 19 hours. There is 2,707 miles between the two locations.

Yes, there is a Vancouver in Washington State,USA. It is approximately 6- 8hrs hrs drive from Blaine WA border.It is on the north side of the Columbus River across from Portland.Oregan.

How long does it take to drive from Vancouver to Kamloops

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