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How many hours from Spain to Philippines by air?

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The time will vary depending on the final destination in the Philippines. Madrid (MAD) to Manila (MNL) Shortest Flight Duration: 16 hours 5 mins via Amsterdam DISTANCE FROM MADRID,ES TO MANILA,PH 7253 MI/11673 KM

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How many hours to travel from Philippines to Kuwait by air?

9 hours & 42 minutes

How many hours by air to Philippines from kauai?

It would take about 11 hours to fly from the Philippines to Kauai, Hawaii. There is approximately 5,165 miles between the two locations.

How many hours of flight from Manila Philippines to London Heathrow Airport?

The actual in air time would be around 15 hours

How many hours from japan to Philippines?

The distance in air miles from Tokyo to Manila is about 1850 miles. It takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to make a direct flight.

How many hours air travel from australia to manila?

The flight distance from Manila, Philippines to Sydney, Australia is 3,884 miles / 6,251 km.

How many miles is Tampa Florida to Manila Philippines?

There is approximately 9,114 air miles between Tampa, Florida and Manila, Philippines. The flight would take about 19 hours when flying at 500 miles an hour.

Where does Air Philippines fly to?

Air Philippines is Asia's first airline. It flies to many countries including China, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.

How many miles is England from Spain?

It is 680.98 air miles from England to Spain.

How many hours from Manila Philippines to Davao Philippines?

Air Flight from Davao to Manila is about 1 hour and 30 to 40 minutes. By land travel it could take about 2 or 3 days before you can reach Davao.

How many air miles between Philippines and London?

The distance is about 6,807 air miles.

How many kilometres from Spain to germany?

It is 1,617.19 kilometers from Spain to Germany when traveling by air.

How many air miles from Manila to Boracay Philippines?


How many hours it takes from chennai to colombo by air?

how many hours does it takes from chennai to colombo by air and what is the price

How many air miles are between Los Angeles and Spain?

How many miles between Los Angeles and Spain?

How many kilos are allowed for checked luggage on flight air Canada and cathay pacific from Toronto to Philippines?


How many hours by air from San Fransico to Seattle Wa?

How many hours by air from San Fransico to Seattle Wa?

How long is the air travel between New York and Manila in the Philippines?

By plane, it would take about 18 hours.

How many air lines in Spain?

There are 3 Spanish airlines (Span air, Iberia and Air Europa).

How many hours air flight from Switzerland to Paris?

About 2 hours By Train And 1and a half Hours By AIR FLIGHT

How many hours from Malaysia to Bangkok by Air?

About 2 hours.

How many miles is it from LAX Los Angeles Airport to BCN Barcelona Spain Airport?

It is 6,025 air miles from LAX to Barcelona, and takes about 12 hours to fly.

How many air miles from Dallas Texas to Phillipains?

Dallas, Texas to Cebu City, Philippines is approximately 8,482 miles with an estimated flight time of 17 hours 35 minutes.

How many hours is it from london to Oman?

approx 7 hours by air

How many air miles from Phoenix AZ to Barcelona Spain?

It is 5797 miles from Phoenix, Arizona to Barcelona, Spain.

How many air miles between JFK Airport in NY and Madrid Spain?

About 3,115 air miles.

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