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How many languages does Queen Elizabeth II speak?

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# English

# French

# Gaelic (Irish)

# Spanish

# Portuguese

# German

# Russian

# Finnish

# Swiss

# Italian

# Greek (Modern) # Polish. -Short of actually asking Her Majesty, i have serious doubts about this list. A big issue is the fact that there is no such thing as "swiss". Im also very much aware of the fact that she does NOT speak spanish. When she visited Spain (my country) in 1982, i was lucky enough to be introduced and overheard her speaking to our King in english. Lastly, she doesnt speak greek. Philip speaks Greek, I have heard it (who IS greek).

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Yes, She can ! Her Majesty is fluent in many languages.

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She was well-educated and spoke - besides of course, English - fluent Latin, French and Italian. Those three were at the time the languages of science and diplomacy. So, four languages in all.

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Elizabeth's ability to grasp and retain exotic languages was phenomenal. It is said that by age 11 Elizabeth was able to speak six languages fluently: Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish and English. When ambassadors and statesmen called upon the royal family, Elizabeth brilliantly addressed them in their native tongues. Elizabeth I was fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German and Greek, and even knew some Welsh and Portugese

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Well,Elizabeth Tudor was well-known as she traveled to loads of places. She could speak so many languages by that!

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YES, Queen Elizabeth was a busy as a queen . She had many things to do.

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