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Mars is a little over half the size of Earth.


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687 (Earth) days would equal one year on Mars.

Earth is roughly twice as large as Mars, so it would take 2 Mars (approx.) to equal Earth.

Mars is 0.107 times the mass of earth. The reciprocal of that is the number of planets the mass of Mars it would take to equal a planet the mass of earth, or a little over 9 and 1/3.

An Earth year is equal to about 0.5316844 Mars years.

Mars has a force of gravity equal to , which is almost a third of that of Earth. As such, a human weighing on Earth would weigh about on Mars.

99 days on earth is one year on mars

Mars is one of the planet that is closest to Earth. A year on Mars is equal to 687 days on Earth.

About an estimate of 2600600 mars' would fit into the Sun.

Actually, Mars is smaller than Earth. Mars is only three-fourths the size of Earth, so 75% of Earth would fit in Mars.

if someone leaves Earth and then goes to Mars they would not have a loss or gain of eyes

A year on Mars is equal to 687 Earth days. That is about 2 Earth years.

It would take many many years, and in that time both Mars and the Earth would go round the Sun many many times, so the distance travelled would be extremely large.

one earth minute = one mars minute in other word, one minute is one minute everywhere in the universe, same as one second. but one earth day would be different from one mars day as the we use the time it take the earth to finish one rotation as one earth day.

It took the Mars Pathfinder seven months to go to the planet mars from the planet earth.

If the mars hit with earth the life will end on earth.

35,000,000 is how far Mars is from Earth.

No, Mars is much smaller than Earth, but both planets have similar amount of dry land. The diameter of Mars is half that of the Earth. Mars has ten percent of the mass that the earth has. The whole surface of mars is about equal to the all of the dry land surface of the Earth. Mars has about one third the gravity of the Earth.

Mars is 5962 km in diameter smaller than Earth, which is 12756 km in diameter. Mars is 6794 km in diameter. So 12756 km - 6794 km = 5962 km.

Earth to Mars : "Curiosity" took about 250 Earth days.Mars to Earth could be different.

One day on Mars equals 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds and one day on Earth is 24 hours. Therefore, about 1.03 days on Earth equals one day on Mars.

Refill what? Since there is nothing between Earth and Mars, it would be hard to refill with anything.

Walking on Mars would not be a serious problem. While there is less gravity, it is equal to one third of the gravity on earth. Walking would be quite easy.

The gravity on Mars is ~38% of what it is on Earth. If you weighed 100 pounds on Mars, you would weigh 263 pounds on Earth.

How many month and miles does it take to get from earth to mars?

Mars takes about 1.88 Earth years to rotate around the sun. These Earth years equal to about 687 Earth days.

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