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You need a different amount of potassium each day depending on your age and gender.

In general, the following applies:


* 0-6mths - 500mg * 7-12mths - 700mg


* 1-3yrs - 1400mg * 4-8yrs - 1600mg * 9-18yrs - 2000mg Adults

* 19-50yrs - 2000mg Pregnant and Lactating Women

* 18-50yrs - 2000mg

For more information about potassium, as well as which foods contain high amounts of this vital nutrient, see Related Links below:

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Q: How many mg of potassium do you need daily?
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How many mg of potassium do you need daily for Seniors?

Roughly 2000 mg a day

How much potassium do you need daily?

about 4,ooo mg

Are eggs potassium rich?

No. A large egg (50g) has about 59 mg of potassium. Eggs would need to have about 700 mg of potassium per serving to be considered "rich". (Rich is defined by the FDA as having 20% or more of the Daily Value per serving. Potassium has a Daily Value of 3,500 mg.)

What is the minimum daily requirement for potassium?

2000 mg

Is watermelon high in potassium?

There is 314 mg of potassium in one serving of watermelon. This is 8% of your daily recommended value for potassium

What is the daily recommended intake for minerals?

The daily recommended intake for minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium are 1,000 mg, 15 mg and 350 mg, respectively. The recommended daily amount for potassium is 3,500 mg and for zinc it is 15 mg.

How many mg of potassium in cantaloupe?

How many potassium in cantaloupe

How many grams of potassium would be an overdose?

9 to 13 years can have 4,500 mg daily, age 14 years and over can have 4,700 mg.

How many mg in 10 meq potassium cl?

how many mg in 20 meg potassium

Daily potassium requirement?

The daily potassium requirement for an adult is 4,700 mg per day. Loss potassium levels can lead to weakness, muscle cramps, and heart problems.

What is the recommended daily potassium allowance for congestive heart failure?

1800 mg

1 meq potassium equals how many mg potassium?

390 mg is 10 meq if dealing with 'elemental' Potassium 2350 mg is 10 meq if dealing with Potassium Gluconate

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