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How many miles between St Petersburg Florida and Orlando Florida?


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It is 106.50 miles according to MapQuest.


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100 miles taking this route:Take I-275 NORTH, from St. Petersburg, to I-4 EAST to ORLANDO off EXIT 45B in TAMPA.Take I-4 EAST to Orlando.

The driving distance in miles between Orlando, Florida, and the Florida Keys is 379 miles.

what is the distance from keys Florida to Orlando Florida.

There are 4,727 miles between Orlando and Grenoble.

The Keys are 120 miles long. Orlando to Key West is 393 miles.

The driving distance between Georgia and Orlando Florida is about 934 miles.

The driving distance between Kissimmee, Florida and Orlando is about 18 miles

The Keys are 120 miles long. Orlando to Key West is 393 miles.

Orlando, Florida is 95.8 miles (154 kilometers) from Okeechobee, Florida.

The flight distance from Florida (FL) to Orlando, Florida is: 53 miles / 85 km

Around an hour and 45 minutes, or 107 miles.

It is 113.82 miles according to MapQuest.

265 miles between St.Petersburg and Miami.

The one in Florida is 337 miles from Orlando.

The distance between Orlando Florida and Biloxi Mississippi is 557.6 miles. This will take 557.6 miles to travel by car.

The Keys are 120 miles long. Orlando to Key West is 393 miles.

It's about 483 miles from orlando to Asheville , so add another 120 miles from st. Petersburg. This is an estimate.....

The driving distance from Orlando, Florida to Panama City, Florida is 375 miles / 604 km

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