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About 10,000 miles, or one year. Whichever is sooner between oil changes. It's about $129 plus tax, and yes, that is about the same price at a MB dealer as a "oil change" place. Just go to the dealer, they will use Mobil 1, and maybe give you loaner car.

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Q: How many miles between oil changes for e350?
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How many miles ford E350 engine last?

My 2000 E350 has 385 978miles keep the oil changed

How many miles do you have to do service F for Mercedes E350?

in case of good oil company you have to change in between 4500-5000 km

How many miles between trans oil changes?

I would recommend at least every 75,000 miles.

How many miles between oil changes in 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse gst?


What is the Mpg of e350 box van?

How many miles per gallon can you get for ford e 350 box van

How many miles should this car be driven in between oil changes?

You should change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

How many miles per callon does a ford e350 get?

It is important to know the fuel economy of a car while owning it. The fuel economy of a Ford E350 is 14 mpg city and 18 mpg highway.

How many miles between oil changes for a Honda nighthawk 750 and what kind of oil?

If you want to keep the engine clean and long life, 3,000 miles for oil changes ( 5,000kms) and 10w40 is good.

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How many miles can an old car go between oil changes when you use synthetic oil?

About 4500 miles for car/truck over 150k

How many thousand miles between oil changes is recommended for a Citreon Berlingo 1.9 Diesel?

10.000 km

When using TranSynd how many miles between fluid changes should I go?

It depends on the application of the vehicle. Go to for complete answer and information on fluid changes

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